January playtesting

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Title: Fall of Delta Green – Operation ALADDIN’S CAVE

System: Trail of Cthulhu

Author: Kenneth Hite

Deadline: 31st March

Number of sessions: 2-3


A quagmire overseas chews up American forces.

Apocalyptic cults rise in the Middle East, riots paralyze Paris, and Russia moves aggressively into Europe.

The United States wages secret war around the globe while its social fabric shreds and its cities crackle with gunfire.

New technologies, new sciences, and new music revolutionize our lives.

The Earth’s ecology teeters at the brink of toxic ruin.

The stars are coming right.

It is 1968, and you are invited to a night at the opera.


5 Responses to “January playtesting”

  1. Toumy says:

    Hello there,

    as a long time DG fan, I’d love to playtest Operation ALADDIN’S CAVE I have an upcoming gaming session on february, the 25th so it would be a perfect match I think.

    Best Regards

  2. Toumy says:

    Done that !! :)

  3. Ville Halonen says:

    I didn’t back DGRPG so I don’t know what the status of Fall of DG is. Are the core ToC rules sufficient to run this scenario?

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