Investigator’s Occult Guide Sales


Edit: The Investigator’s Guide is sold out. It’s on re-order and due in August. Get the PDF now if you order.

The Occult Guide has come in from the printers, but due to unforeseen demand, we now have only a handful of copies left. We sold through immediately into distribution and retail, and I am having to juggle stock around to fulfil demand. I am rather pleased, and Paula Dempsey should be rightfully proud – that’s 500 copies sold.

All existing mail orders and any mail order sales of remaining stock will be fufilled this week, but we’ll put the Occult Guide straight back on pre-order, for the second print run to be delivered in six weeks’ time.

I’ll update this post when we completely sell through the first print run, but in the meantime, get it at the Pelgrane store while stocks last, as they say.

7 Responses to “Investigator’s Occult Guide Sales”

  1. Sid Wood says:

    I just purchased a couple as gifts … I know, I’m such a swell guy.

  2. Tigger says:

    It looks fabulous.
    Well done guys on another great release…

  3. WiseWolf says:

    When should the copies from the pre-order start arriving in the US?

    • from says:

      I got mine, here in Sweden, day before yesterday – so they should be crossing the Atlantic as we speak. It’s really nice, but I’m still looking forward to the hardcover version with great anticipation.

      I lost 1d2 – 1 sanity from reading this book, so I guess I succeeded on my POW test. Whoops…superseded system.

    • Simon Rogers says:

      They should have been shipped.

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