Invasive Procedures Art

A striking new cover by Pascal Quidault for the forthcoming Fear Itself supplement, Invasive Procedures.


8 Responses to “Invasive Procedures Art”

  1. Tiacapan says:

    Love it, suits the scenario perfectly!

  2. John Taber says:

    WOW! Nice. :) I hope you have Pascal do more covers for Pelgrane…very cool…

  3. Jane says:

    It’s a great piece of art. Is it a cover? It’s quite grey.

  4. GB Steve says:

    Chouette et menaçant!

  5. T.Dorst says:

    Absolutely amazing artwork.

  6. Niclas says:

    Fantastic! The cover is just as good as the adventure itself!

  7. wesley cole says:

    oh dear god I’m scared already

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