How to Demo GUMSHOE in 20 Minutes

The GUMSHOE system by Robin D. Laws revolutionized the investigative roleplaying game, and is the basis for RPGs that will appeal to fans of many genres: space opera, spy thriller, Lovecraftian horror and two-fisted pulp adventure — with more to come.

Its central premise, though, can be challenging for newcomers to wrap their heads around. What do you mean investigative skills automatically work? If we don’t roll dice to find clues, what do we do?

One of the best ways to introduce new players to GUMSHOE is to run one of our 20-minute GUMSHOE demo adventures for them. These scenarios have been tested through convention play, and provide a solid intro to the rules as well as to individual games based on the system. If you are running something else with your game group, 20 minutes isn’t a hard sell to run at the beginning of a session.

Currently you can download three short GUMSHOE demos:

20-minute demos for Esoterrorists, Fear Itself and Mutant City Blues will be up next. Give these scenarios a try, and let us know how your session went in the forum.

6 Responses to “How to Demo GUMSHOE in 20 Minutes”

  1. Timothy DAly says:

    Keep these coming! I’m going to a convention in March 2013 and I intend to raise the GUMSHOE flag high. The more 20 minutes demos the better.

  2. Tun Kai Poh says:

    Hey, these demos are really useful! I will try them out and report if they work well.

  3. Timothy Daly says:

    Any chance more demos will be ready soon? I have a con coming up and would love to run more of them.

  4. Thank you very much for posting this! I want to introduce folks to Fear Itself, but have never played it myself, only listened to others’ actual play, such as Role-playing Public Radio!

    Incidentally, do you have a feel for whether one could play Night’s Black Agents as Fear Itself?

    Regardless, thanks much.

  5. Randy Shipp says:

    Would love to see these kinds of demo scenarios for Esoterrorists, Mutant City Blues, and Fear Itself.

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