Hillfolk Signings at Gen Con

Hail, raiders of the Gen Con high country!  To celebrate the launch of Hillfolk and its companion volume Blood on the Snow, we’ve arranged two signing events at the Pelgrane Press booth. We have so many contributors at the show that we’re going to be splitting our signers into two bunches.

On Thurs Aug 15th at 3 pm swing by to grab autographs from such tentatively scheduled luminaries as Jennifer Brozek, Steve Dempsey, Dave Gross, Rob Heinsoo, Ryan Macklin, Michelle Nephew and illustrator Rachel A. Kahn.

Then come back on Sun Aug 18th at 11 am for the cuneiform stylings of Keith Baker, Emily Care Boss, Steven S. Long, TS Luikart, Andy Peregrine, Wade Rockett and Pedro Ziviani.

The Pelgrane Booth has moved to bigger digs this year, and is now #101, across from our fine pals at Paizo.

I’ll be there for both events, and around the booth for much of the rest of the time. As always I’ll be happy to deface any of my books, new or old, for you.

Many other contributors are at the show but unable to make this event. This will not prevent you from suavely bushwhacking and/or waylaying them as they perform their duties at booths elsewhere on the exhibit hall floor.

Kickstarter backers will recall that they can arrange ahead of time to pick up their books at the show. And of course there will be copies on sale for those of you who did not join us for the campaign back in October.

One Response to “Hillfolk Signings at Gen Con”

  1. Faithful Customer says:

    I must say that I strongly disapprove of this pattern, repeating from Ashen Stars – delayed shipping date, things done JUST IN TIME for GenCon, sales to non-preorders at GenCon, followed by finally shipping to those who enabled the production.

    Yes, I get that GenCon sales and exposure is vital for the products, but that doesn’t excuse neither the delays nor getting the product to non-preorders first. If you can hurry things up to have products done in time for GenCon, you can get them done a month before, so you can ship them out BEFORE selling/showing them at GenCon.

    Or you can accept the decreased sales volume and wait for next year’s GenCon to show your new products.

    If you keep claiming your business model requires preorders to print books, respect your preorder customers over all other things! Or I, for one, will hesitate to preorder things from you again.

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