Hillfolk Cards


This custom playing card deck for Hillfolk, the roleplaying game of dramatic storytelling from acclaimed designer Robin D. Laws, and DramaSystem, the engine that runs it, includes face cards styled for your next saga of Iron Age Drama.

Special scene prompts appear on each card, giving you suggestions to jump-start your creativity the next time you’re stumped for a scene.

In addition to illustrations for the face cards and the standard playing cards element, each card has two graphically distinct bands for text:
• Emotional goals (used to spark dramatic scenes)
• Practical complications (used to spark procedurals or ease your way into dramatic scenes)

Scene prompts are genre-free and can be used in any DramaSystem series.

You can play DramaSystem with ordinary playing cards, but these will make you the envy of the all the badlands clans.

Buy the printable PDF (if you’re a Hillfolk Kickstarter backer, you can download this from your bookshelf now)

4 Responses to “Hillfolk Cards”

  1. Michael S. says:

    Will the card deck ever be made available as a PDF, or at least a list of scene prompts associated with each card?

  2. Steve Young says:

    I a little upset, I bought the Hillfolk RPG with high hopes, I would really impressed with the system, but dumbfounded when one the of the core mechanics required to play was completely missing from the game ‘Special scene prompt’s cards. Why where these not listed in the rules set? This handicaps people who expect a complete rules system. I feel cheated that a least a list of the scene prompts where not available withing the core game. In order for me to get into the whole game system your forcing me to buy this extra set of cards. This is very unfortunate and underhanded.
    Why where these not included within the core game?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Thanks for the comment, Steve. All you need to run Hillfolk is the core rulebook, which it sounds like you already have. An ordinary deck of playing cards is used for the resolution system – we did expect most people to have a set in their homes, and I’m sorry if that was not something you already had.

      The scene prompt cards are not a core mechanic – they are an optional extra, which we released as part of the original Kickstarter. They are a GM aid, to help GMs out when they need inspiration for a scene. Scene prompts and suggestions are provided in the main rulebook on p. 52, under the “GM Masterclass” section.

      I hope that helps clarify matters, but please do get in touch with us at support at pelgrane press dot com if you have further questions.

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