Hillfolk Actual Play Series Kicks Off on NYERD Podcast

Update Nov. 2015: It appears the Nyerd website is no more, and the Actual Play audio is no longer available online. Alas.

I’ve had a lost of requests for an actual play series to introduce people to Hillfolk and DramaSystem and have kicked around various ways of making this happen. Turns out all I had to was to wait for the NYERD Podcast to take care of it for me. And they found a great twist, too—rounding up a player group made up of experienced actors who have never roleplayed before. The series kicks off with a fab character creation session that really captures the creative process that emerges as a group finds their concepts and builds a web of relationships. The group’s actorly training kicks in as they zero in on strong choices providing plenty of grist for drama.

Also, kudos to the team for a well-recorded show, not an easy thing in Actual Play.

4 Responses to “Hillfolk Actual Play Series Kicks Off on NYERD Podcast”

  1. Apollo Haner says:

    Is there anyplace to find these episodes now? Nothing shows up on itunes and nyerd.org looks to be up for sale with a generic advertisement page from bluehost.

    • Simon Rogers says:

      New link in the post

      • Apollo Haner says:

        Thanks but the links to the files don’t seem to work. If I click listen nothing ever comes up, if I try to download I get that same generic bluehost page. Even tried the button to send the file to my google drive, just ended up with a tiny corrupted file with no audio.

  2. dave says:

    Dead link. was hoping to find a good actual play example

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