Hidden Treasures

Treasure Mixed_VHFollowing on from my 2012 post about unappreciated Pelgrane products. I present to you two more such treasures, and my speculation as to why they are neglected.

The Gaean Reach RPG

“…this is a dead simple, easy to learn, quick to play science-fiction romp well worthy of a few evenings and weekends of your life.”

What it is: Across the vastness of the Oikumene a few individualGaean cover blogsizes of exceptional infamy project their lust for power. Fear of their names spreads from planet to planet like a cancer.None of these evokes greater loathing and terror than the world-spanning criminal mastermind Quandos Vorn. He is your nemesis, and you must defeat him.

Why it’s hidden: This game has been published almost solely because of my love of Jack Vance. I’m guessing now that most of you didn’t even connect the author of the Dying Earth with his SF setting called in general, The Gaean Reach. Perhaps I should have called it “Jack Vance, the writer of the Dying Earth, wrote SF books and this is the game about them.” Like most games based in an existing setting, there is an assumption that readers are expected to be familiar with it.

Why its a treasure: It’s a game with a unique premise – the players devise the most horrible, devious and grabby enemy they can, then set out to defeat that nemesis. It combines the wit and human foibles of the Dying Earth, with the GUMSHOE investigative system, with additions which make sure you don’t kill your nemesis (and she you) too early in the narrative. You don’t need any knowledge of the setting to play, though the setting is wonderful and in some cases creepy.

Read more here, or get it from the store.

13th Age Soundtrack

13a_soundtrack_cover_edited“It’s an amazing selection of music and I can’t see any gaming group not getting something out of it. More than anything, it’s unique; there are no movies, shows or games that have this music so the player’s will not have heard any of it before and will always equate it with their 13th Age games, or whatever ongoing RPG setting they’re gaming in. If that’s not perfect for a gaming group then I don’t know what is.”

What it is: a huge collection of music and sound loops for the 13th Age.

Why it’s hidden: This one is a puzzle. Maybe fantasy roleplayers don’t use music with their games as much as with other games types. Maybe our marketing has been remiss.

Why it’s treasure: an epic collection of music, soundscapes and loops which paint a huge Turner-like picture of the Dragon Empire, created with crazy professional standards an orchestration and live musicians. It’s beyond what many fully-fledged video games or movies would expect.  Listen and wonder!

Read more here, or get if from the store.

13th Age theme:

Dreams of a Lost Age:



3 Responses to “Hidden Treasures”

  1. RR says:

    Right on both counts.

  2. Matt says:

    I bet if there was a great sale on the 13th Age Soundtrack, more people would buy it.

    Cough, cough. :)

    Seriously, I think that it’s pretty easy to craft a kickass mix of heroic fantasy music without purchasing a separate album. But that main 13th age theme sounds so awesome I want it anyways.

  3. Allan says:

    Ok, I have the GR book as I love Vance.
    But sometimes you don’t make games that are playable for all groups.
    My group is one player.
    And without going into a long spiel about why its a difficult game, no almost impossible for me to GM.
    Here is the short version.
    My player want to turn up for gaming from a long week of IT brain drain and just be entertained by me. The story needs excitment and lots of story twists all of which I need to supply.
    Do you get the picture. He does not want to do any work, part of that is because he is a real IT geek, he can read a computer language but has never read a fiction book. So its not that he is lazy just can’t.
    We can talk movies ok, but anything that requires player imput – not going to happen.
    So when you present a setting without the big evil already in place, I have to do it and sell it to him.
    So nothing wrong with the game, but its a self sitter for me.
    So make a game with all the details explained as part of the setting/campaign for this tired GM…
    Love your work

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