GUMSHOE Licensing

I am looking for RPG publishing licensees to produce supplementary material for GUMSHOE rpg settings, excluding Trail of Cthulhu, but including Mutant City Blues, Esoterrorists, Fear Itself and some forthcoming settings.

If this is of interest, please email me (

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  1. George says:

    Is Pelgrane interested in new games using the Gumshoe engine or just supplement material for existing games?

  2. Simon Rogers says:

    This call out is for supplements, but we’ll consider full-blown engine licenses.

  3. Hi,
    I’m a French player and i’m working on an ‘amateur’ roleplaying game called “Égrégore”. The Gumshoe system is my favorite system and i want to translate it in French. May i have the authorization? Of course, my RPG is not for sale or commercial use.
    The plot of “Égrégore” is a melting pot of conspiracies/psionic power/alternate realities and the characters are half amnesiacs and ancient ‘cobayes’ of unofficial experiments… it’s not a game with lot of combats, it’s more about investigation over the different societies who want to control earth and investigation about the past and the spirit of the players.

    • Simon Rogers says:

      The GUMSHOE system is already available in French as part of Cthulhu, published by 7eme Cercle. They have all rights.

      • I know that 7eme Cercle have all rights. My purpose is to translate and adapt (a little bit, i.e.
        : extra rules, etc…) the Gumshoe system to my universe/plot. And i can’t use or buy “Cthulhu” or “Esoterroristes” in french: they are epuised. So i haven’t no more support/rulebook.
        So i want only the authorization to do it, in a way to be clean with you.

  4. That’s it… unavailable for the moment.

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