GMs needed for Origins and Gen Con 2020

We’re looking for GMs to run our games at Origins and Gen Con 2020!

If you’re interested in joining the GM crew at Gen Con, please email us at (click here to open with your email client) with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your convention-registered email address (if different from the email you’re using to contact us)
  3. Your t-shirt size
  4. Number of 4-hour games you can run
  5. Preferred adventures, days, and times to run, using this format –
    • At Land’s Edge (13th Age) // Thursday // 4PM – 6PM EST
    • Small Things (Seven Wonders) // Friday // 9AM – 1PM EST
    • Secret of Warlock Mountain (DramaSystem) // Saturday // 2PM – 6PM EST

GMs will get our new 2020 t-shirts, meet up with our game creators, and receive special Pelgrane swag! You can run one of the following adventures (including brand-new 13th Age, Night’s Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu & The Yellow King RPG adventures), choose one from another system not listed here, or design your own adventure for any Pelgrane Press game:

Email (click here to open in your email client) to join our GM team now!

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