Get 10% off TimeWatch RPG to celebrate first canine time traveler

In 1985, on October the 26th, a dog named Einstein became the world’s first time traveler—voyaging one minute into the future in Doc Brown’s flux capacitor-powered DeLorean. (Shortly after, Marty McFly hopped in and took Doc’s time machine back to November 5, 1955.)

Most of us don’t have the budget for a DeLorean—but thankfully, you don’t need one to travel through time! Pick up the TimeWatch RPG in the Pelgrane Press webstore for 10% off with the voucher code BACK2THEFUTURE throughout this weekend, and discover the mysteries, marvels, and menaces of the timestream—from superintelligent radioactive cockroaches to psychic velociraptors and liquid metal cybernetic assassins!

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13/10, would travel through time with again

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