GenCon Posters

Ralf of ProFantasy has created some posters for GenCon…


5 Responses to “GenCon Posters”

  1. Graham says:

    That’s not Ralf’s art. He has totally ripped off Jerome’s covers. You should look into that.

  2. Lance Goodale says:

    Can we get posters signed and up for sale? 8-P

  3. Darren M says:

    I feel like an Ashen Stars forum should be considered. As it is, I can’t seem to register for the current Pelgrane Forum.

  4. Derek Smyk says:

    Y’know, seeing those images side by side like that, if you squint, almost makes them look like a GM screen. Just sayin’…

  5. J.J. Mason says:

    I’d love to buy a smaller format print, myself, if not a full size poster.

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