Gareth Hanrahan And The New Stuff

Gareth Hanrahan will be producing a new supplement material every month for Pelgrane.

He’s already submitted Dead Rock Seven, a set of adventures for Ashen Stars based on an outline by Robin Laws, and I’ll announce a playtest soon. Currently, he’s working on three game packs for Skulduggery – The Wedding, Black Smoke (winner of the Skulduggery setting challenge).

Now, I’ve got plenty of ideas for more material, including adventures for all settings, but is there anything you’d like to see? There are two main flavours – the 5000 word mini-supplement, or 15,000 word supplement.

Let me know what you’d like.

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  1. Jez Butler says:

    Personally I would like to see more settings for using the Gumshoe system along the lines of the Trail of Dee article published in See Page XX. I really enjoy mystery fiction (and to a lesser extent TV shows) and I have not found any other RPG other than Gumshoe that would work with them. At the moment I am particularly enjoying Hodgeson’s Carnacki stories, G K Chesterton’s Father Brown stories and Raymond Chandler’s work. I’ve toyed with ideas about running some scenarios for my group inspired by these stories, but I’m not quite sure how best to adapt them, and I would really appreciate some mini-supplements focusing on different properties or sub-genres or even guides on how best to tweak Gumshoe.

    • Graham says:

      I’d certainly be interested in some one-shot GUMSHOE scenarios outside the published GUMSHOE systems. Father Brown or Chandler would be ideal. They could either be genuine one-shots or pilots that could be expanded if popular.

  2. Sid Wood says:

    Content is king so I’d much rather see 15,000+ word supplements. I know it will cost more, and I know other gamers will moan about that, but I’ll buy it up (and they probably will too). Assuming you keep to your standards.

    Scenarios aimed at Fear Itself would be great. Also finishing Albions Ransom would be appreciated. I definitely like Jez’s request and would purchase material in that line.

    If you deliver more GUMSHOE mysteries, more often, I’ll definitely do my part to help you succeed!

  3. Pablo says:

    5,000 word, one-shot scenarios for any of the GUMSHOE iterations would be great fun, but specially for Trail or Fear Itself (Horror is definitely one of his strong suits).

    On the other hand I’d seriously love to see him write a small, 15,000 campaign. I think he’s seriously good at creating engaging meta-plots and interesting NPCs, so I’d definitely love to see what he comes up with for Trail or MCB.

    Looking forward those Skulduggery game packs!
    Also, no chances of seeing what

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  5. John Post says:

    I would prefer one shots or mini-campaigns. New settings don’t interest me unless they are part of a one-shot scenario. I occassionally do my own adventures, but I’d much prefer to have material to pull off the shelf in an emergency.

  6. Totally biased as we are new to Pelgrane Press games and are presently introducing EsoTerrorists to our players, so we’d love to see more GUMSHOE, especially short one shot scenarios.

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