French Trail of Cthulhu reprint

7eme Cercle, our French licensee is on their second print run of Trail of Cthulhu and it’s on the presses.

Here is the new, fine looking cover:

6 Responses to “French Trail of Cthulhu reprint”

  1. That’s way nicer than the English cover. Any chance we could get a variant?

  2. Dae says:

    Looks lovely. In France, the game drops “Trail of”?

    I like the understatement, though I prefer the original font and title.

  3. The Wraith says:

    Just got mine today…
    The new cover is great… And that’s it.
    The first edition had nice green pages, very “Cthulhuesque”
    The new one is in black and white and is not so non euclidian.
    It includes the combat rules from Esoterrorists Factbook but has been otherwise unchanged.
    But the cover is just great !
    And yes in france we drop the ‘Trail of’

    Ftaghn ! ^(;,;)^

  4. […] out beautiful well-produced books at reasonable prices, but they seem to thrive. At the same time, Trail of Cthulhu and its supplements came out, and continue to come out, practically in synch with the English […]

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