Free RPG Day

I’m considering doing a 16-page something for Free RPG Day, a GUMSHOE adventure for example. In 2008, we gave a way an adventure for Trail of Cthulhu – The Murderer of Thomas Fell.

What would you like to see?

16 Responses to “Free RPG Day”

  1. Steve moss says:

    Are there any TOC convention scenarios that haven’t been published?

  2. Petter B says:

    A very easy structured but usable adventure for ToC!

  3. Chris Huth says:

    A Fear Itself scenario where you play yourselves.

  4. Graham says:

    Get someone to write up Steve’s Conan Doyle-based Trail adventure.

  5. Pablo says:

    I find Fear Itself particularly suited for one-shot light scenarios. I guess it’s the kind of thing that one could squeeze in between the sessions of an ongoing campaign/series.

    Also, any kind of small sandbox setting for ToC or Esoterrorists would be cool.

  6. Raknar says:

    An Esoterrorist adventure

  7. Tyrant says:

    A scenario (or as above, a small sandbox setting) for The Esoterrorists would be really great.

  8. Bondidude says:

    A scenario for either Trail of Cthulhu or Mutant City Blues would be awesome. :-)

  9. Sam F says:

    An Ashen Stars adventure with self contained mini ruleset?

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  11. John Post says:

    There are lots of adventures for ToC, Essoterroritst, and Mutant City Blues, and more on the way. There are very few for Fear Itself. Please create a Fear Itself adventure.

  12. ziggystardust says:

    A Starter Kit for Ashen Stars 0:-D

  13. Mudshark Baby says:

    As I only own Trail I would love an adventure for this. Alternatively, how about a selection of NPCs that could fit into a few of the existing adventures or a few nicely described artifacts that could inspire some adhoc 1-sessioners?

  14. Drew Smith says:

    The Art in Trail of Cthulhu is really inspiring. I’d love to see an adventure that plays off images like the Keeper Screen, or the various ancient temples. Perhaps an adventure taking place with an expedition to remote locations.

  15. Gary "goat with a thousand young" Moore says:

    For free rpg day, how about a stab at “Project Covanant” the 30’s version of Delta Green……or just Delta for TOC would be nice :)

  16. Topher says:

    A Fear Itself scenario definately- perfect for a one-shot, maybe using one of the more obscure BoUH creatures

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