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Character Sheet

Download a Fear Itself 2nd Edition character sheet as a PDF

Download a Fear Itself 2nd Edition character sheet as a form-fillable PDF

Download a Fear Itself 2nd Edition sample character questionnaire for Glass Beach Summer as a PDF

Download a Fear Itself 2nd Edition character sheet by Brendan De Pinto as a PDF

Download a printer-friendly version of Brendan De Pinto’s character sheet as a PDF

Download an improved 1st Edition character sheet by Sune Nødskou as a PDF file

Download Spencer Sanders’ fillable version of Sune Nødskou’s 1st Edition character sheet, with space for the stereotype and a few languages, as a PDF file


The Frosh Week, a 2-page adventure by Robin D. Laws

Other Downloads

Download a Matrix of Misery as a PDF file. Created by one of our playtesters, Erik Weissengruber, this is a GM’s reference for the PCs in the game.

Download two layouts of Our Lady’s Hospital from Invasive Procedures – one for the GM and one for the players – by Sune Nødskou.


Double Moon

You Don’t Exist Anymore in the Spiritual Realm (Nor Will You Ever)

Spooky Significance

5 Horror Scenario Hooks That Start In an Escape Room

Fear Itself Designer’s Notes

The Plain People of Gaming: Diving Into Escape Pools


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3 Responses to “Free Fear Itself Downloads”

  1. Spence says:

    A quick note on the fillable character sheet.

    In addition to the added spot for Stereotype and 3 slots for languages, the Academic Ability Fringe Science has also been added.

    In my games I added Fringe Science as a compliment to Occult Studies to cover UFO’s, Cryptozoology and so on. Basically all the weirdness that is not occult based.


  2. Jeremy says:

    These character sheets all seem to be for the 1st edition game. Any chance you could put up PDFs of the character sheets for 2nd edition?

    I bought the softback 2nd ed. book instead of the PDF and don’t want to mangle the book enough to photocopy the one in the back :)

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