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GM Screen

Pistacchio has designed a lovely Ashen Stars GM screen – you can download it from here:

Quick Start Adventure

Download Stowaway – the Ashen Stars 30-minute demo. Includes pregenerated characters.

If you want to introduce your players to Ashen Stars, it’s much easier to get them into it if it just takes up 20 minutes of their valuable time at the beginning or end of a session.  It’s also a great convention demo.

Listen to Kevin Kulp run the Stowaway quick start demo for Ashen Stars:

Download here.

Thanks to the players: Tim Crosby, Chris O’Gahan, Leah Shuldiner




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  3. What’s a good way to print the GM screen in multiple horizontal pages?

  4. Josh says:

    “404 Not Found” on each download link D:

  5. Spacemouse says:

    The chargen chapter sample points to an invalid URL. It should be, apparently.

  6. Dave Patterson says:

    You folks sure know how to generate interest. Just acquired the core game and can’t wait to get into it. Thanks and keep doing what yer doing.
    An ancient gamer

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