Footsteps of Fools 1: All’s Fair At Azenomei


ALL’S FAIR AT AZENOMEI (Footsteps of Fools: Part 1)

Once every year, at the start of summer, Azenomei holds its annual ‘Great Fair’, under the shadow of Pergolo: the manse of Iucounu the Laughing Magician. This event attracts not only traders of great renown, but also royalty and other notables from as far as Kaiin. And the town council makes considerable funds through renting out the prime positions and levying a tax on all goods bought and sold beyond a certain price. Naturally, this vast market attracts professional thieves and confidence tricksters in equal proportion to genuine merchants. And into this bustling arena of opportunity step our heroes…

  • The chance to work for an unusual sponsor…
  • The chance to compete for the title of ‘Monarch’ of the Great Fair in a series of traditional contests..
  • Prizes, mysteries, and rivalry…
  • Nonetheless, surely an easy opportunity for cash and glory!
  • After all, what could go seriously wrong?

This can be run as a stand-alone adventure, or as the start of the Footsteps of Fools epic adventure arc, leading into Strangers in Saskervoy.
[The Town of Azenomei and its fair are described in detail in this free Guide, which is a necessary adjunct to this adventure.]


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Stock #: PEL011 Author: Ian Thomson
Artist: Ralph Horsley Pages: 45page pdf



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