Five Reasons to Fear Quandos Vorn

During character generation, after determining why they want vengeance against the common enemy called Quandos Vorn, Gaean Reach players specify why catching up with him will prove a task of epic difficulty. Each supplies a reason of particular relevance to his own motivations and backstory. In the in-house playtest, it was determined that Quandos Vorn:

  • maintains a troop of elite cloned bodyguards

  • constantly disguises himself and is constantly on the move

  • controls, through corruption, resources even within the IPCC (interstellar police force)

  • can track one of the PCs’ movements and can’t be surprised

  • constructs elaborate schemes which repeatedly ensnare another of the PCs

This not only further defines their nemesis, but again proves that, given a measure of narrative control, players will screw themselves over in ways they would never permit were a mere GM doing it.

2 Responses to “Five Reasons to Fear Quandos Vorn”

  1. Anselyn says:

    I like this. However, I fear that it may be interpreted to mean that you can only play the game once.

    What do you do when you’ve got your vengeance? Vorn II?
    This will have to be a game that you can never succeed in!

    Now, I’m on this site and playing Pelgrane games as I’m very much one for storytelling RPGs. I know that some suspension of disbelief is needed for RPGs – and for enjoying serial drama. However, equally, there is a part of me that got irritated when it just seemed that “Lost” was into extended arbitrary convolutions rather than sticking to the original plan. I fear that the campaign against Quandos Vorn might ring the same bells. (Whilst I accept that the Mythos can never be beaten only held off for a while!)

    Anyway, just a thought …

  2. The game assumes a finite series, but then provides suggestions on what to do if the players decide to go on after defeating Quandos Vorn. And alternate series frames, if you want to base your game around a different core activity.

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