First preview of the Eternal Lies Suite

Ok I promised that I would give out a preview of the Eternal Lies Suite.

Here is a piece from early in the game. It’s an ambient piece designed to be played as a loop during a specific scene and it introduces an important theme that will be heard throughout the suite.

Melancholy ambient theme by James Semple

The music in the suite varies from adventure through sentimental to horror. This is probably the most sentimental piece in there and although there’s an element of surreality, the theme feels familiar and comfortable.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to give out more previews in the coming months. After all the suite will be around 70 minutes in total!


3 Responses to “First preview of the Eternal Lies Suite”

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  2. Watson SE says:

    Wow, that is great! I love the thought to have a soundtrack along with the campaign, especially a soundtrack sold by the publisher of the campaign (I have encountered fan-made soundtracks before, but never one sold by the publisher). How will the soundtrack be connected to the actual book? Will there be any links in the book to certain songs or will the links between the campaign itself be placed in the “booklet” (virtual or printed) that comes along with the soundtrack?