Even Death Can Die: An adventure collection for Cthulhu Confidential

Equipped with your smarts, your notebook, and your code of honor, you scour city streets in search of its deepest secrets.

Some secrets go deeper than others.

EVEN DEATH CAN DIE features nine twisting, turning, adventures in a world both hardboiled and cosmically horrific.

One For the Money: Scholarly WW2 vet Langston Wright fights for room to breathe in wartime Washington under the shadow of Jim Crow. Rhino Jones is one tough cookie, and he makes it impossible to turn down a demand to identify the culprit who stole from him and killed his crew. This plunges Langston into a blurred otherworld of corrupt businessmen, Nazi spies, a deadly weapon prototype.

The Shadow Over Washington: Langston knows an ancient enemy is rising, but he is trapped a million years away. An extraterrestrial intelligence inhabits Langston’s body, dodging bullets as well as a monster controlled by a megalomaniac. Can Langston regain his selfhood in time to save the nation’s capital?

Preacher Man Blues: Langston Wright investigates a traveling fire and brimstone preacher spurring the  black community to action. The police want him silenced. Local churches want him to move on. What do those slaughtered animals have to do with it?

The Howling Fog: Sharp-dressing, straight-talking, New York investigative journalist Vivian Sinclair chases the Big Apple’s hottest scoops. She goes deep undercover in sleazy clip joints and Harlem’s famous Cotton Club—only to learn a dead Irish hitman’s terrifying secret: murder from a distance!

Ex Astoria: A brawl between picketers from the miner’s union and scab laborers working on the Winn Water Tunnel turns into a riot, with Vivian Sinclair on the scene reporting. But scab workers are the least of the miners’ concerns.  Can Viv prevent further injuries and an environmental disaster?

Boundary Waters: Vivian Sinclair’s third cousin, society heiress Tabitha “Tabby” Sinclair hosts a benefit gala aboard a gambling ship. Vivian accepts her invitation to cover the gala, keen to investigate rumors about the boat’s other international activities. But under this swell affair skitters something creepy and crawly.

The House Up in the Hills: Hard-boiled private eye Dex Raymond prowls Los Angeles, led by his nose for trouble. A supposedly straightforward auto fatality case hurtles Dex toward sorcerous members of L.A.’s business elite, a wave of rat attacks, and a child’s disappearance.

High Voltage Kill: A legendary designer of spark-flinging horror movie props becomes Dex’s client when some punk swipes key set pieces from 1931’s Frankenstein. Dex encounters a man so determined to get revenge he’s willing to kill anyone who gets in his way, be it bystander, cop, or hardboiled private eye.

Skin and Teeth: The Revelstock hotel, on South Normandie near Pico, is a place where the shady go to hide out and/or ply their trades. But one of the maids found something so terrible under a bed while cleaning that even the mob-connected owner Hal Cade is sweating. The answer lies in a shocking disaster of the recent past—and something older still.

Can you solve these cases with your hide—and mind—intact?

Stock #: PELGOC09 Author: Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman
Artists: Wagner Chrissante, Marisa Erven, Jérôme Huguenin, Gabrielle Kershaw, Christian Knutsson, Laura Martin Format: 360 page casebound B&W book


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  1. Lisa Padol says:

    Ooh. Anything I can do to make it come faster, apart from telling my FLGS about it?

  2. […] eager to keep going, and there are going to be over a dozen total published scenarios when Even Death Can Die is released. Nice support even before we start writing our own […]

  3. Perry Tatman says:

    Can we pre order “Even Death Can Die”?

  4. Panagiotis Mihalakos says:

    Will this be available at GenCon ’18?

  5. Allan Prewett says:

    Was there a discount if we had purchased all the previous pdf’s?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      There is, yes – we’ve emailed everyone who bought any of the previous PDFs with a voucher code. If you haven’t got it, please check your Promotions and Spam folders before getting in touch with us at the usual support address.

  6. Jia says:

    So exciting! I’ve been looking forward to this one, great work everyone!

  7. Leon says:

    Hi,guys,I am live in Asia,not easy to receive the print book,is there a PDF edition only?

  8. Cat Tobin says:

    Thanks for the question! We’ll be publishing the PDF three months after the print book is released (which will likely be in autumn 2019).

  9. Samira says:


    if I want to play „The House Up in the Hills“ now, would I get a discount on „Even Death Can Die“ later? Or can I preorder „Even Death Can Die“ to get the scenarios, that are already available?

    Kind Regards,

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Samira, you can pre-order Even Death Can Die now, which contains The House Up in the Hills as well as eight other adventures. We gave vouchers to people who had bought the individual adventures previously, but we are no longer giving them out now that the full collection is available.

  10. Ed says:

    Will there be a deluxe edition?


  11. Coleman says:

    I see there are three cases not previously released with this collection. Will they ever be released individually? I had bought the individual PDFs after the pre-order for the print edition went up, but I didn’t see that there were exclusive cases.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Thanks for the question. We don’t currently plan to release them separately, but may do so on DriveThruRPG if there’s sufficient demand.

  12. KC says:

    Is it possible to pre-order, but through an EU distributor/retailer so we don’t have to pay the very expensive transatlantic shipping costs?

  13. Allan Prewett says:

    Is there an ETA on printed delivery please?
    I seem to remember is may have been August

  14. Allan says:

    How much longer do we have to wait. Bit sick of it, will not be doing this again…

    • Cat Tobin says:

      I am sorry, Allan – this requires a lot of my time to get the final developmental and copyedits finished, and I really struggled with the bandwidth for it in 2019. With Becky’s help providing customer support, and the Yellow King RPG Kickstarter nearly done, I’m hoping to be able to make some progress on this next week.

  15. Tom Pleasant says:

    Sorry to ask again, but I’m wondering when the print version is due. The update said editing then off to the printer. Will more preorders bump up the print priority?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      It’s a valid question, Tom, and I completely understand. Low bandwidth and the many, many issues with the Yellow King RPG Kickstarter hoovered up my 2019; as I mentioned to Allan, with Becky’s help providing customer support, and the Yellow King RPG Kickstarter nearly done, I’m hoping to be able to make some progress on this next week.

  16. RC says:


    Does one need Cthulhu Confidential to play this?

  17. James says:

    How is the HC coming along?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi James. We’re not quite sure what HC means, but we’re working on this and there will be a full update in the next See Page XX. Thanks, Becky.

      • James says:

        I was wondering when the hardcover (HC) will be released into the wild.

        • Becky Smith says:

          Hi James. There will be a full update on Even Death Can Die in the next See Page XX, which is due any time now. Thanks, Becky.

          • Gary says:

            The last reply from Becky On 1st June stated that there would be an update on Even Death Can Die in the June “see page xxx” however in both the June and July version all I can see is the statement
            “ Pre-order this adventure collection for Cthulhu Confidential and get the pre-edit draft PDF now.”

            Am I looking in the wrong spot?
            Where can I find the latest update of this release?
            What is the current ETA?


          • Cat Tobin says:

            Thanks for the comment, Gary. Christian is on holidays at the moment, which has put paid our plans to have the PDF finalised and to pre-orderers at the end of June. We’re still waiting to hear back from him on his July availability, as he has a lot of family commitments over the coming weeks, and once we do, we’ll have a better idea of when we’ll be able to get the final PDF & book to pre-orderers.

  18. Jim Wise says:


    Know it’s been a rough year, but is there an updated ETA for this? Before Christmas?


    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Jim. We don’t have an ETA for this at the moment, but keep an eye on the View from the Pelgrane’s Nest section of See Page XX for updates on forthcoming titles. Thanks, Becky.

  19. Whale Kim says:

    Hello. Do you have a pdf individual sales plan for scenarios that are not yet sold individually as pdf? (skin and teeth, Boundary Waters, Preacher Man Blues)

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi. There’s no plan at the moment, but we may put the individual PDFs on DriveThruRPG in 2021. Thanks, Becky.

  20. Perry Tatman says:

    Any news on when this will be published?

  21. Perry Tatman says:

    Will this tbe published in 2021?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Perry. In answer to this, and your previous question above, yes this will be published in 2021. The last update in See Page XX confirmed that the final PDF was now available on pre-orderers bookshelves, the cover was being completed ready to go to the printers, and that we hoped this would get to pre-orderers in January. So this is on the way shortly. Thanks, Becky.

  22. SB says:

    Just curious whether this is still forthcoming as a print publication, as I don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere. Also, are you planning on reprinting the Cthulhu Confidential core book in its standard edition? I also seem to be unable to find a printed version of that in stock anywhere. Thank you!

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi SB. Even Death Can Die is available as a pre-order in the shop under the ‘New Releases’ and ‘Cthulhu Confidential’ sections. We’re currently shipping some of our inventory over to the US, which should be arriving any day now, and includes copies of Cthulhu Confidential. So please keep an eye on the webstore over the next few weeks. Thanks, Becky.

  23. James L Stuart says:

    Hello, Just checking in on the ETA for the Even Death Can Die hardcover release. Hope all is well!

  24. Panos Athanason says:

    Hello, everyone! Just checking on the status of Even Death Can Die… I know it’s up for preorder, but I thought I would ask for ETA. Are we still looking at 2021 target? Huge fan, many thanks!

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