Eternal Lies


The world is yours to save… or lose

A decade ago, a band of occult investigators battled against the summoning of an ancient and monstrous evil.

They failed.

Now, you must piece together what went wrong. The campaign begins wherever the PCs hail from, and then quickly moves on to an asylum and an overgrown plantation estate in Savannah, Georgia. Their investigation then takes them to the sordid streets of Los Angeles, and from there to Bangkok, Malta, Mexico City, the Yucatán jungle, and Ethiopia, which the PCs may visit in any order, as they hunt down clues and try to destroy the avatars of a terrible god-thing.

Investigate ancient crypts, abandoned estates, and festering slums. Explore choked jungles and the crushed psyches of your predecessors. Follow in their footprints, and make new ones of your own. This time, there won’t be another chance.

Eternal Lies is a massive new campaign for Trail of Cthulhu by Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball with Jeremy Keller. It is now available as a hardback book or PDF, or you can get a reduced-price digital bundle from the store with the soundtrack album.
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Playtesters say:

We just finished the whole Eternal Lies playtest and…

It is the best campaign I have ever run.

I first ran Shadows of Yog-Sothoth in 1982, and I have run Masks of Nyarlathotep twice, Horror on the Orient Exrpress twice, Beyond the Mountains of Madness, as well as other RPG campaigns, and none of them have the richness and depth of Eternal Lies.

I envy those of you who will be able to play this at its own pace, and let it fully invade every aspect of your character’s lives.

–Jeff Campbell

Having playtested the first act, arnother strong recommendation for it here. While I’m not sure it’ll replace MoN or BtMoM in my heart, it is certainly an excellent campaign (even in its draft form, which will of course improve on publication ! ) and looks to be another great Pelgrane product.


I’ve just finished reading the entire campaign. To say that I’m speechless would be quite an understatement. From what I’ve learnt beforehand about Eternal Lies, I suspected it would be some kind of Masks of Nyarlathotep thingie TOC style. The funny thing is that I’ve already gmed a personal version of the classic Chaosium campaign based on roughly the same premises that Eternal Lies: the players were to discover what happened 5 years ago to their former characters.

But not even in my wildest dreams would have I imagined such a masterpiece. This is total epic madness. This is  Masks of Nyarlathotep meet Tatters of the King meet Beyond the Mountains of Madness. This is by far the best campaign ever written for a RPG. This is going to be a blast!

I dont know how much efforts and time have been put into this work, but, I really want to thanks everyone involved in it. When you read something this good, this captivating, it really makes you proud being a member of the RPG community.

–Tommy Misaysongkham

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Stock #: PELGT34 Author: Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball with Jeremy Keller Price: $49.95 / £32.95
Cover: Jérôme Huguenin Artwork:Alessandro Alaia
Leah Huete
Jérôme Huguenin
David Lewis Johnson
Phil Reeves
Pages: 396pg PDF


77 Responses to “Eternal Lies”

  1. Very much looking forward to this.

    Push the boat out? Box & deluxe handouts available separately? ;)

    • Simon Rogers says:

      We will certainly do a limited edition; I’ll have to consider the handouts and box – I’d love to do it, though. Oh, we’ll be looking for someone to do CoC conversion stats for the web.

      • If you put the CoC conversions in the book or box I’ll buy two. One for keeps and one for play. If there’s no conversion charts… I might buy one. Not slating ToC AT ALL… but I don’t have the rules, I’m happy with the CoC rules, Don’t want to learn a new system, but I love the quality of Pelgranes supplements.

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  3. Jeppe Mulich says:

    This sounds amazing! Very much looking forward to it.

    Do you know yet if it will be pulp, purist or some kind of combination?

  4. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan says:

    I’d really like to give the conversion to CoC a try. Is it ok?

  5. Simon Rogers says:

    @Kairim: As long as the conversion needs the original book – why not?

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  10. Do we have any updated release information?

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  13. sebastian avalos says:

    Any updated eta on a release in pdf or print? Do you still need playtesters? I have a group ready to jump in to trail and if its not too late we would love to get on board.

  14. Mike says:

    Just wanted to see if there was any news on this. We’re interested in starting up a Trail campaign before Christmas. Should we wait or is this still a ways out? Also interested in paytesting if you still need it.

  15. Kimh says:

    Any updates on this one.? Create the possibility to have a reacted edition?

    • Simon Rogers says:

      We will do a limited edition later in the year. Pre-orderers will get priority.

      • Eden says:

        Any hints as to what makes the special edition different? If we pre-order now is that for the special edition, or will we need to buy twice, once for pre-order standard edition and once for special edition?

  16. WiseWolf says:

    Great news on the preorder, Simon. Is there going to be a special edition for this?

  17. Scott Jenks says:

    We get the PDF now? Awesome!

  18. csabthehun says:

    First of all, wow, the wait is finally over. Besides the new Delta Green RPG, this book is the one I’ve been waiting for for the past 2 years. I’m really hyped and happy that it’s finally here!

    A question though: do you have plans to include the soundtrack CD in the limited edition as well? I’m thinking about getting either the Strange Aeons edition or the one with the soundtrack, but since I’m surely buying the limited edition, I might end up with two CDs.

  19. Stuart Bonham says:

    Just grabbed the pre-order. Wow!

  20. Eden says:

    Sorry to repeat my question, but I’m afraid it may have been lost in the nesting…

    Any hints as to what makes the special edition different? If we pre-order now is that for the special edition, or will we need to buy twice, once for pre-order standard edition and once for special edition? I’d love to have this product, but want to make sure I end up ordering the right thing.

    Thank you!

    • Simon Rogers says:

      The Strange Aeons edition is the standard hardback with a signature plate and your name in the credits. The limited edition will be faux leather, but may well include lots of extras – we haven’t decided yet – and is not likely to be released until a lot later in the year. Strange Aeons edition customers will be offered the chance to get the limited edition before anyone else. When the book goes into print, the Strange Aeons edition will close, and we will switch to the standard pre-order.

  21. Kinnygraham says:

    Hi – I would like to offer some feedback on the pre-order pdf, which I believe identifies a potentially confusing issue in the ‘narrative’ of the backstory as presented.

    Is this the best place to do so – or can I / should I mail someone directly ?

  22. Hello,

    I’ve got a couple of questions. First, does the bundle contain the “Strange Aeons” edition? I couldn’t find any references to “Strange Aeons” on the store page.

    Second, is there a “spoilery” plot summary somewhere? It sounds fantastic, but I’d like a little more information to see if it will be a good fit for my group.


    • Simon Rogers says:

      The Strange Aeons edition is no longer avaliable. The bundle now includes the standard edition – the only substantial difference is that you don’t get your name in the credits, because it’s gone to press.

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  24. Ell says:

    Any idea when the pdf will be available to buy? I only want the pdf, not the actual book.

  25. Dave says:

    Thinking about grabbing this now in pre-order, but can you clarify the different music options? I bought the soundtrack when it first became available (a while ago). Are either of the options (either in the bundle or in the deluxe MP3 package) different than what was originally offered? Thanks!

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  27. WiseWolf says:

    Simon, if we pre-order, do we get to pay the difference for the special edition once it is out (so we will get the special edition instead) or do we get a standard edition and a chance to buy the special edition?

  28. John Post says:

    Will this be available for purchase at Gen Con? If so, I’ve just got my fourth item for the 4-for-3 deal.

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  30. Anyone get their pre-order in the mail yet? It was being sold at GenCon, so we should see it soon!

    • MisterE says:

      Not yet – well I haven’t received mine yet. The order history thing at the Pelgrane shop will change to ‘dispatched on XX date, first class post’ etc when the order is on its way, so keep looking there for updates. I have received my Esoterrorist 2nd Ed, Worms of 60 Winters and my Double Tap preorders, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long now (I would guess that they might be sent off next week if we’re lucky as its the end of August)… unless there’s been some manufacturing problem we don’t know of!

  31. Thanks MrE.

    I wonder what this means?

    Your order was shipped by on processed. Tracking: processed

  32. Sean Whittaker says:

    I am looking forward to purchasing this at my local shop. Is the bundle option available through retailers too? Getting a pdf will be useful for making notes in preparing to run this campaign. I would have pre-ordered, but yikes the shipping to Canada was prohibitively expensive!

  33. Cat Tobin says:

    The bundle option is not available through retailers, unfortunately, just our website.

  34. WiseWolf says:

    When is the collector edition going to be released? Do we have any dates yet? I am tickining my wallet in case there are some left for the ones that didn’t pre-order.

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  36. J Gregory says:

    When will the pdf-only option of Eternal Lies go on sale?

  37. Steve Moss says:

    I’m also really interested in the pdf.

  38. Kris Vezner says:

    What does it mean that the .pdf is a “linked .pdf”? How does the link between the .pdf and the soundtrack work?

  39. […] Press [visit their website here] has fully launched the new Eternal Lies campaign book for Trail of Cthulhu in print and PDF. […]

  40. Nebelwand says:

    When will the pdf be available at drivethru? I am really looking forward to this campaign…

  41. Cat Tobin says:

    Ah, good spot! I’m uploading a file-with-cover now. Thanks Nebelwand!

  42. Could you also upload the version with cover for the people who ordered the bundle directtly from Pelgrane Press?

  43. Nebelwand says:

    There is still only the file without the cover or am I missing something? Could you tell us when the new file is available at drivethru?

  44. Cat Tobin says:

    It should be available now; I’ve just downloaded it and the file has a cover. Can you check it again?

    • Nebelwand says:

      Yes, the cover is there now. It might have been already the file with the cover before. In my library page at drivethru the file was not listed as an updated file for some reason nor did the file size change. But the cover is there now and looks fantastic! Thank you!

  45. Cymtoril says:

    What a campaign !
    I just can’t wait the hypothetic french translation … I’ve bought the original version … I hope my players will be the first french players tasting it … just need to finish the Final revelation first ;)

  46. AGamerandSon says:

    I ran Eternal Lies start-to-finish. Ended January 14, 2018.

    It was awesome! Super creepy. My friends and I will have stories to tell for the rest of our lives. I would highly recommend it!

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