Eternal Lies Update

By Will Hindmarch

Thanks to the hard play and sharp eyes of many generous playtesters, Eternal Lies has a great errata list and set of revision notes to wade through now. To make the revisions happen quickly and smoothly, we’ve brought in writer and designer Jeremy Keller (Chronica Feudalis, Technoir) to help us speed up the revision process. His vision fits in well with the notions that Jeff and I always had for the project, plus Jeremy played in Jeff’s initial tests for the epic campaign, giving Jeremy a unique insight into the book.

We’re sorting out playtest reports (the most positive, supportive playtest comments I think I’ve ever seen) and divvying up responsibilities for the final work now. This isn’t just checking continuity and clarity, either. We’re revising the organization of the book to make things easier on future Keepers and we’re adding a few thousand words of new material to respond to the questions of ambitious playtesters.

While there’s some important work to be done, I’ll admit this: The playtest went so well that I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I anticipated having to make heaps of changes and corrections, just due to the sheer size of this hulking opus, yet things have gone pretty smoothly.

Many happy thanks to our great playtester for bringing us terrific notes and anecdotes from their adaptations of the campaign. Much appreciated.

5 Responses to “Eternal Lies Update”

  1. Lisa Padol says:

    Let me know if you want us doing any more.

  2. Steve says:

    Need more EL Twitter updates!

  3. I want to comment more about Eternal Lies, except [REDACTED] keeps [REDACTED] my tweets.

  4. WiseWolf says:

    This is a very unique campaign in every single way. I want to extend my thanks to Pelgrane Press for allowing me to be part of this huge project. One of my best roleplaying sessions in years. I am truly impressed with the detail, deep characterization, and story telling, that this campaign contains. If you add great art to the final product (as usual) this will easily become the best RPG Campaign book in recent YEARS.

    Any idea about what the collector´s edition is going to be?

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