Eternal Lies NPC picture handouts

Pregen-Table-set Rickard Gudbrand has designed another handout for his upcoming Eternal Lies campaign which he’s happy to share with everyone. This is cards for the main NPC’s of the campaign, intended to be printed, cut out and placed in suitable plastic card sleeves.

As not all of the NPCs in the book have pictures, he’s used all the pre-gens in the Eternal Lies book – as well as some NPCs from other Trail of Cthulhu books – to give a unified look to the NPCs.

The results are lovely – you can download them yourself here.

5 Responses to “Eternal Lies NPC picture handouts”

  1. Jeff Kahrs says:

    Download only has like 8 cards. Is there a full et available?


  2. Rob Bush says:

    Unless I’m missing something, the PDF only includes the one page of NPCs from the first 2 chapters of Act One. Are there supposed to be more?

  3. Jeff Kahrs says:


  4. Frank Branham says:

    Has anyone set these up on templates for one of the Print on Demand (Superior or Artscow) services?

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