Eternal Lies Never Dies

It was our intention with Eternal Lies, our epic Trail of Cthulhu campaign, to create a book to be brought alive by actual play, not just a handsome shelf-filler. And so it’s proved, with an Eternal Lies Keeper’s Community on Google+, advice and historical props over on the Yog-Sothoth forum, an interactive campaign map and tons of actual play reports such as this by Aviatrix over on Story Games.

Eternal Lies for Call of Cthulhu

Many Call of Cthulhu Keepers, while happy with their own system, are intrigued by our Mythos adventures, and Eternal Lies is the biggest eldritch beast we’ve put out there. Fortunately, Andrew Nicholson has converted Eternal Lies for use with Call of Cthulhu – a free download here – and Paul of Cthulhu and the Innsmouth House Players have experienced the entirety of Eternal Lies, recorded in  in 22 audio episodes available to yog-sothoth patrons. The finale was sombre and breathtaking.

Paul has made the first two episodes freely available over on yoggie, and I was impressed by his clever use of an iPad Mini and iPhone built into a Keeper’s Screen to share maps and images of NPCs in an unobtrusive fashion with his players.

A New Ending for Eternal Lies

We want Eternal Lies to stay alive, and so we’ll continue to provide new material for it, and in that spirit, we’ve just released an a new section written by Lauren Roy, which ties all the threads of the campaign together to deliver an entirely different ending.

For Pelgrane Press mail order customers the new ending is available through your order page – check Customer Service if you have problems finding your email. We’ll upload the new ending to Bits and Mortar (for retail customers) and DriveThruRPG soon.

What More Would You Like To See?

We have the book itself, James Semples music and Will Wheaton’s voice over, plus the community-created additions, so what next? In May we’ll release the faux leather limited edition version of Eternal Lies.

What would you like to see for Eternal Lies? Authentic props? New sections? Keeper’s commentaries? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you’ve run or played Eternal Lies, we’d love to hear from you, too.

8 Responses to “Eternal Lies Never Dies”

  1. Lisa Padol says:

    I’ve got the pleasure of playing in Aviatrix’s game.

    I also ran the campaign, and the write ups are on my Y-S blog, and also on my wiki, here:

  2. Matt says:

    I have the pleasure of running a game right now; my players and I are enjoying it so far.

    I would love more and better props! Currently there’s a lot of prep time between sessions, mostly devoted to crafting handouts that are discussed only vaguely in the text of the book. I’m sure I would customize some of them anyway, but a starting point would really help.

  3. Michael Daumen says:

    Is the new ending in the original pdf? My order page doesn’t contain a heading for it. Thanks!

  4. Erin Skinner says:

    It’s very good to hear that you’re adding new material! Please let us know when it’s ready on DriveThruRPG.

  5. Jeff Palmer says:

    I too am running a campaign and LOVE Eternal Lies, a wonderfully written adventure, Can’t wait to get the new ending from DriveThru ASAP. In terms of props, Yog-Sothoth is where I’ve done my research, and added a few things myself! Professional quality stuff would be great, but the work already done at Yog is seriously impressive!
    Would love more books with this kind of writing, scope, vibe! Thanks guys!!

  6. Ronaldo says:

    I played the Savannah and L.A. part of Eternal Lies. The pcs got so scared that they went into hidding in the indian reservation of one of the pcs.

    It was a very good campaign. I plan to do a heavilly moddified second part of the campaign someday (changing Mexico for Rio de Janeiro and Yacutan for Amazon Florest).

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