Esoterror Summoning Guide

Esoterror_summoning_cover_350The Esoterror threat is growing. The membrane is thinning. Eradicating the threat did not work. Surpressing the threat is failing. The next step is Containment. We will have to create quarantine zones of areas of high supernatural presence and designate safe zones for habitation. Using force against the Esoterrorists has not worked. We must understand them and their methods in order to defeat them. We must know what they know. Then we can defeat them.

This document is the first step toward that. It discusses the wall between our reality and the Outer Dark, how it is measured, how it can be injured and repaired, and speculates about its nature and purpose. The summoning techniques the Esoterrorists use and how we, the Ordo Veritatis, can counter these actions. There is also a section on how to deal with Outer Dark Entities after they have manifested. Direct contact with ODE’s is not recommended if any other options exist.

The Esoterror Summoning Guide by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is a supplement for The Esoterrorists. It also includes a short adventure based upon the material presented.

Stock #: PELG015D Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artist: Phil Reeves, Jeff Porter Pages: 44 page PDF


5 Responses to “Esoterror Summoning Guide”

  1. michael porter says:

    Love this game…Any updates on the status of this particular item?

  2. Dan says:

    Very much looking forward to this. I’ve been merging / hybridizing material from both the ESOTERROR products and Cubicle 7’s The Laundry RPG for my own game, and it works well. Events are working toward ‘The Love of Money’ as we speak. As with Michael’s post, any updates on status?

  3. Mikhail the History Grad Student says:

    Extremely interested in this, but is it still alive? Or are the Esoterrorists, for that matter?

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