ENnie Award Voting Booth Now Open

As I discussed in detail in a previous post, Pelgrane Press has been nominated for eight ENnie awards. I do hope you’ll consider voting for us.

The voting booth is here.

The easiest way to find Pelgrane nominations is do a find in your browser for the word “Pelgrane,” but in any case, here are the categories we’ve been nominated in:

  • The Zalozhniy Quartet in the Best Adventure category
  • Page XX for Best Website
  • All We Have Forgotten, music for Ashen Starts in Best Aid / Accessory.
  • Night’s Black Agents has been nominated for Best Rules, Best Interior Art, Best Rules, Best Writing and Product of the Year


3 Responses to “ENnie Award Voting Booth Now Open”

  1. csabthehun says:

    Voted you No.1 whereever I could!

  2. Pieclone says:

    I’ve been happy with previous RPG purchases from other companies but every Pelgrane Press product I have paid for thus far has been leagues ahead in production, artwork, writing and design. If every RPG company offered the same level of quality across the board I’d have less money to throw at you guys. Keep it up!

    A clean sweep for Pelgrane Press from me :)

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