Elven Towers

Recover the hidden power of the Elf Queen!

Ages ago, when the elves were still united as one, the Elf Queen locked away a portion of her power in a magical vault. In hindsight, this may not have been a good idea; in the chaotic 13th Age, it has turned out to be a terrible idea.

Over time, the original elven guardians of the vault’s keys have been stealthily defeated or corrupted; and now the keys to the Elf Queen’s power are hidden in three magical towers—one for each of the three elven peoples—and the elves themselves cannot pierce their defenses.

What to do? Summon heroes, of course! Glory, riches, and power will surely flow to those who answer the Elf Queen’s call . . . or perhaps to those who want her power for their own icons.

Elven Towers is a champion tier 13th Age adventure for 3 to 6 adventurers by Cal Moore (High Magic & Low Cunning, The Crown Commands; Fire and Faith). It includes plotlines and options for adventures throughout the Queen’s Wood, with multiple elven-themed encounters you can use in any campaign.

Stock #: PEL13A22 Author: Cal Moore
Art & Cartography: Simone Bannach, Ania Kryczkowska, Rich Longmore, Dagmara Matuszak, Gill Pearce, Roena I. Rosenberger, Christina Trani Developer: John-Matthew DeFoggi, Rob Heinsoo
Cover Art: Lee Moyer, Rich Longmore Type: Monochrome 120-page perfect-bound book

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15 Responses to “Elven Towers”

  1. Boyd says:

    Oooohhh! This looks like so much fun!

  2. Michael says:

    Is this a simple one or two session adventure, a longer, more involved adventure, or a multiple level spanning mega-adventure?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Michael. It’s bigger than a couple of sessions. It’s probably more like 1.5 or 2 levels, and if the GM wanted to flesh out one section in particular it could be an entire three-level champion-tier campaign. Thanks, Becky.

      • RP says:

        Longish adventures that aren’t full on adventure paths but longer than the traditional module are my favorite length for adventure content. I hope 13th Age gets much more content like this.

  3. cpip says:

    Any updates on the release date for this one? I’m sure there’s a lot going on, but I’m looking forward to this.

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Christopher. The Book of the Underworld, which is now available on pre-order, and a few other books are due to be released before this one. However, we won’t be releasing any new books to retail until we have come out the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks, Becky.

      • cpip says:

        Thank you kindly. I’ve gone and purchased the Book of the Underworld.

      • Matt Hoffman says:

        Hi Becky,

        When you say you won’t be releasing any new books to retail until we’re past the pandemic… does this entirely preclude the idea of digital only/PDF releases?
        My gaming group, as you can imagine, has utterly plundered my reserve of ideas, set-ups, scenarios and published material in the time that we’ve been varying stages of locked-away; the idea of waiting for humankind to conquer this virus before seeing any new 13th Age books is vexing…

        • Becky Smith says:

          Hi Matt. We’re still releasing books and shipping these out to people who have pre-ordered them through our webstore. We’re just not sending them out to retailers, as a lot of brinks and mortar stores have been forced to close due to lockdown restrictions. We have just released Book of the Underworld. Thanks, Becky.

  4. Matthew Tuell says:

    Oh dear, you could have added so much value to this purchase by including clean/player versions of the maps for VTTs! Are you planning to make them available some other way? :-(

    • Matthew Tuell says:

      BTW, I don’t mean to sound entitled. It’s just that I really got my hopes up when saw that a nice folio of color maps was bundled with the adventure.

      • Becky Smith says:

        Hi Matthew. We are working on VTT maps of our adventures, but as they require a lot of extra work, we wouldn’t be able to give those away for free; they’ll be on sale on VTTs. Thanks, Becky

  5. Michael says:

    Has this book shipped yet? I just moved, all my RPG books are boxed up, and I don’t remember if this book is among them. If it hasn’t shipped, how do I change the address that my pre-order will be shipped too?

  6. Mike says:

    I bought Elven Towers and have read through the adventure (although I haven’t run it). I REALLY like what I see. Cal Moore is my favorite 13th Age writer. His adventures are easy to follow and full of role-playing and roll-playing opportunities. I plan on integrating this adventure into my home brew campaign for levels 5-7 (champion Tier). Elven Towers also provides hooks for my subsequent Epic level home brew.

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