Dulce et Decorum Est – Great War Trail of Cthulhu

Dulce_Et_Decorum_Est_cover_400And the dead were the dead; this was no time to be pitying them or asking silly questions about their outraged lives. Such sights must be taken for granted, I thought, as I gasped and slithered and stumbled with my disconsolate crew. Floating on the surface of the flooded trench was the mask of a human face which had detached itself from the skull.

– Siegfried Sassoon

This collection of adventures considers the Great War, 1914-18, from the perspective of Trail of Cthulhu.  From the conflict in the air, to the depths of the sea, the home front and the different battle fronts, the Great War affects the lives of countless millions of people. It also brings humanity into conflict with elements of the Mythos, and in particular the Charnel God Mordiggian who, for the first time in centuries, may actually have more to devour than it can stomach.

The forces of the Gods do not take kindly to being disturbed, and nor do they usually play favourites; unless your players are careful, they may find themselves attacked and wiped out in an instant, caught in an otherworldly crossfire they can only hope to survive, not understand.

Campaign Frame

Dulce et Decorum Est features GUMSHOE adaptations and new abilities for war in the air, and on the sea and land, and how the mythos might interact with the horrors of the war, and the participants.

Dulce et Decorum Est – Great War Trail of Cthulhu contains the following scenarios:


The once-mighty Vaterland is a prisoner of politics. She is trapped in New York Harbour, as war rages in Europe. Her crew and Commodore are just as much prisoners as the ship herself, though they are making the best of their captivity by hosting concerts in support of the German relief effort. You’ve come aboard at the behest of John Rathom, editor of the Providence Journal, in hopes of uncovering a German plot.

Dead Horse Corner

The protagonists discover that a trench which ought to have been occupied by their fellow soldiers has been abandoned. Twenty men vanished without a trace, food still on the table and coffee cooling in their mugs. Was it an enemy attack, or something less ordinary?

Sisters of Sorrow

The crew of German U-boat UC-12, is sent on a standard mission; penetrate the North Sea defensive zone, make their way to Tyneside, lay their mines and return. But nothing in the Great War is that simple. While underwater, the crew start to hear a strange, muffled booming noise, ringing like a sequence of church bells. It’s not whales. It’s not enemy forces. Something else is down here. While settled on the sea floor to get some much-needed rest, the crew starts to act suspiciously. Someone is up to no good. The ship’s cat disappears and a strange weed is found growing on board.

Then the tapping on the hull begins…

Stock #: PELGT32 Author: Adam Gauntlett
Artist: Jérôme Huguenin, Leah Huete, Phil Reeves Pages: 112 page perfect bound

Price: $19.95


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  1. Very much looking forward to Adam’s collection of Great War inspired scenarios for Trail of Cthulhu. Bravo for publishing this.

  2. tannjew says:

    It’s not complete! I miss “Flying Coffins” and “Not So Quiet”!

  3. Adam says:

    The exclusion of Flying Coffins and Not So Quiet is a deliberate choice, as those two scenarios have already been published twice; once as .pdf, and a second time in one or other of the Out Of Space/Time collections.

  4. Jowell Super Nurse says:

    I was trying to find a publication date? Looking forward to a print copy.

  5. Talia says:

    Will this be published as a PDF or as a .mobi ebook?

  6. […] most recently when I ran Dead Horse Corner, a World War I adventure for Trail of Cthulhu from Dulce Et Decorum Est. I had some Russian figures from the Pathfinder Battles Reign of Winter Set, but the adventure […]

  7. Mina Yen says:

    Hi, I am a reader and fan about this great ww1 setting,I especially interested in the part of how Mordiggian and the home front forces influences the war front,your work is actually great described those horror! But as a foreigner an those never in to war’s young generation, I find it hard to imagine those fanaticism in the real world,is there some book or media recommending for describe those phenomenon? I read your Bibliography, that very nice, but seems more forced on the Aircraft topic, but I think am not very needy those information…Thanks you for reading this silly request, just hope to know and feel more terror for this horrible war,and make it more believe and hope to touching my PL’s heart!(I think I described those horror too dramatic to my PL, so they seemed to think it been exaggerate…. that a little bit depressed me…)
    P.S. as I say, I am a foreigner,and English is truly not my best subject is this message make you feel weird or confident,it most be my fault,and I am very sorry for that.
    And wish you all well and stay healthy! :)

  8. Hi!

    I’m glad you liked the book.

    To get an idea of the kind of tone you’re looking for, I highly recommend: Not So Quiet (Helen Zenna Smith), Storm of Steel (Ernst Junger), Memoirs of an Infantry Officer (Seigfried Sassoon), Le Feu/Under Fire (Henri Barbusse). These are written from the POV of people on the front lines and while they don’t deal with the home front directly they will give you a much better idea of the attitudes that prevailed at the time. For a good book on the British home front I recommend Kate Adie’s Fighting on the Home Front. Adie’s a journalist who also spent many years covering wars across the world, so she has a good eye for details others might miss.

    For odd bits of British trivia you should look up Shire Books. Shire is a very peculiar small press; it publishes what amounts to longform essays on all kinds of topics. Shire has very odd tastes; I can’t imagine what inspired Shire to publish books about wallpaper, garden gnomes, and traditions of death and burial – but linking those three topics could make an interesting scenario! Shire’s publication list includes: To Answer Duty’s Call, The British Sailor of the First World War, The Greater Game (A History of Football in World War One), Animals in the First World War, Medical Services in the First World War, First World War Britain, Women in the First World War, The British Soldier of the First World War, The British Indian Army – and more besides. Have a look! You’re bound to find something at Shire.

    I hope that helps!

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