Drakkenhall: City of Monsters

[[Drakkenhall cover illo by Roena I. Rosenberger]]

Shop the Goblin Market, or plunder its riches! Join the SMASH Society of adventurers, or swear oaths to carry out the schemes of the Blue! Explore the rubblehoods, or get tangled in the sorcerous conspiracy that keeps the orcs out of Drakkenhall!

Drakkenhall: City of Monsters is a 13th Age sourcebook for GMs running adventurer and champion-tier campaigns.

Drakkenhall doesn’t present a single view of the subject, but many. Just as no two 13th Age campaigns take place in identical versions of the Dragon Empire, the authors of Drakkenhall aren’t required to treat previously published material, or each other’s ideas, as canon. Instead, we gave each designer the freedom to come up with new aspects of the City of Monsters that they think players and GMs will enjoy—you can fit them together however you like at your own table. Most of the pieces of the resulting mosaic have, in fact, turned out to be compatible! The ideas that deliberately contradict each other reveal choices you and your players can make in your campaign.

Drakkenhall looms before you, its gates open. Dare you enter?

Authors: Liz Argall, AnneMarie Boeve, Benjamin Feehan, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Cal Moore, Corey Reddin

Developers: John-Matthew DeFoggi, Rob Heinsoo

Status: In development

[[Map by Lee Moyer, from 13 True Ways]]


9 Responses to “Drakkenhall: City of Monsters”

  1. Andy Price says:

    When is this going to be available? Take my money!!!!

  2. FCM says:

    Really, really want. Drakkenhall is one of the locations that I’ve had more difficulty defining in interesting ways.

  3. Mark Bryant says:

    Sold! Ready when you are.

  4. FCM says:

    Not perfectly on topic, but curious if there will ever be a book of Iconic Status. Guidelines for extrapolating player-type abilities from 11th to 14th, exotic abilities only existing in that range, iconic weapons and gear, past occupants of iconic positions, tips for assuming certain iconic mantles or establishing a new iconic identity, etc. etc.

  5. Since my longest standing 13A character was the ‘only human child of the Blue Dragon’, this really appeals.

  6. James W says:

    Is this likely to have any new playable races? Not that my lot are obsessed with playing kobolds and hobgoblins, or anything… :)

    • Rob Heinsoo says:

      James, I can see why you wondered whether this would be the bookfor that! It’s not. But when we do a future book with a bunch of class material, I think we’ll also be doing stuff for PCs that will make your players happy. Sorry that’s not happening right now, but it’s planned.

  7. […] super excited to let folks know that I’m contributing 13th Age’s Drakkenhall: City of Monsters and Behemoths: Paths of the Koru. John-Matthew DeFoggi and Rob Heinsoo have been fantastic […]

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