December News – See Page XX and New Releases

So much news, so late in the year!

  • iprThe latest issue of Page XX, our free webzine is out now, with news and articles.
  • Bookhounds of London is available for pre-order from the Pelgrane store . Pre-orderers will get a preferential opportunity to get limited edition.
  • The Eternal Lies Suite – over an hour of music for Trail of Cthulhu is available now.
  • Three Trail of Cthulhu covers are available as A2-sized posters.


4 Responses to “December News – See Page XX and New Releases”

  1. Kevin Miller says:

    I see mention of a “limited edition” Bookhounds of London but can find no other information on it. How does (or will) the limited edition differ from the standard release?

  2. Listening to Simon’s interview in Yog Radio #46 may help!

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