Dead Rock Seven Art and Layout

Dead Rock Seven is a set of adventures for Ashen Stars, outlined by Robin Laws and written by Gareth Hanrahan. It was my intention to give Ashen Stars the best possible start, so I decided to release Dead Rock Seven simultaneously with the core book if possible. We brought Pascal Quidault aboard to do the art, maintaining his own style but matching Jerome’s original ideal and Chris Huth’s more recent pieces.

That left us with another hurdle – layout. We are very fortunate that Fred Hicks of Evil Hat has come aboard to lay out Dead Rock Seven, and we hope he’ll want to do more work with us in future.

I’ll leave you with some of Pascal’s interiors for DR7




3 Responses to “Dead Rock Seven Art and Layout”

  1. Ville Halonen says:

    Holy cow! Must get money.

  2. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    Yes! Truly nice.
    But I must say its not in the spirit of Jerome.
    But that guy cant do all the work I gues. :)
    This feel moore like “dark sci-fi” and Jerome is moore “high-fantasy space opera”.

    • Gary Moore says:

      Actually I think it goes quite well with the idea that The Bleed is the decaying remanant of a steller civilisation reeeling in the aftermath of the war.
      Grim, dark, decaying, and terrifying…

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