Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges deck

Fill your hardboiled detective’s hand with luck and doom!

As Cthulhu Confidential investigators navigate the intertwined worlds of crime and cosmic horror, they accumulate Problem cards marking the hits they take along the way.

Fortunately they also pick up Edge cards, which they can parlay into useful advantages against gangsters, gamblers and ghouls.

This accessory for in-person GUMSHOE One-2-One play contains 68 Edges and Problem cards you’re most likely to hand to your player.

You screamed for their physical manifestation, and now they’re here. Wear a wicked grin as you slide them toward your player’s trembling digits!



Buy the printable PDF (if you have bought the print version of Cthulhu Confidential, this is now available to download from your bookshelf).

Buy the print on demand cards on DriveThruRPG

18 Responses to “Cthulhu Confidential Problem & Edges deck”

  1. Hawke says:

    Great idea to include!

    Would it be possible to include individual image files as well? Some printing services would be much easier to print actual card decks with the individual files.

  2. TrooperSJP says:

    I have the PDF! I wanted to get the print version from DriveThruRPG, but currently it only shows an option to buy the PDF there. Do you know when the cards will be available in print form? Also, do you think a digital deck of individual cards might show up for Roll20 at some time?

    • Colleen Riley says:

      The cards will be available in print form on DTRPG in approximately 2-3 weeks. We plan to add it to Roll20 at some point, but we don’t have an ETA for that right now.

      • Ed says:

        Any update on when printed versions will be available?

        • Colleen Riley says:

          We’re still working through quality issues with the printer. We hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible but we do not have an ETA at this time.

          • JAMES says:

            Just for the record, I’d pick up print versions if they were available.

          • Colleen Riley says:

            We’ve been working with the printer to resolve the quality issues (we have an in-person meeting this week) so we hope to have the physical decks available soon.

      • Jim McCarthy says:

        Hi there, any plans for roll20 resources to support Cthulhu Confidential?

        • Colleen Riley says:

          Not specifically at the moment, but we do have plans to improve GUMSHOE availability on Roll20 over the next year so that might change.

  3. Christophe Rey says:

    I have bought Cthulhu Confidential on Amazon. May I benefit from the Edge and problem cards pdf download ?

  4. Scot Ryder says:

    Has there been any progress on getting the Problem and Edges deck available as a printed deck?

  5. Chris White says:

    I have a print version of the game, bought it last year from my local store. Is the free offer for the card decks still available? If yes how do I select it as I see no way to select that option.

    Thank you

  6. Evan Greenwood says:

    Serious, this costs money?

    I bought the book… Am I meant to cut out the cards from the pages of the book? This game is unplayable without cards that can be handed to players.

    I’m going to be leaving negative ratings for the book wherever I can. It’s unplayable as it comes.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      I know, Evan – I wish card printers would give us their products for free, but they insist on charging us for them :(

      The downloads for the book include the card deck in both PDF and PNG format (as well as the core book PDF and a bonus PDF adventure). That’s everything you need to play the game – these physical cards are an optional extra, that we released because some customers wanted physical versions.

      I see that you didn’t buy this directly from us, so if you didn’t get the PDF downloads, you can contact us to get them for free with proof of purchase if you bought it at a bricks-and-mortar store, or get a discount off the PDFs if you bought it online: https://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/customer-service/

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