Cthulhu Apocalypse: Slaves of the Mother

Slaves_Cover_finalThe long-awaited conclusion of the Cthulhu Apocalypse campaign.

Three years ago, the world died.

Horrors now stalk the empty and overgrown streets of the civilisation that once existed here. The passage of three long, strange years has transformed the world into an unrecognisable landscape of horrors. There are a few survivors, living in the ruins of the past, but under the unfathomable pressure of the Mythos, their humanity is slipping away, cracking and moulting in the process of becoming something new.

Will the Investigators survive to the end – or will they even want to?

Slaves of the Mother contains the final three scenarios for Graham Walmsley’s Cthulhu Apocalypse. Written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, it is supported by the Gold ENnie-winning The Apocalypse Machine campaign setting for Trail of Cthulhu.


Stock #: PELGT31D Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Graham Walmsley
Artist: Alessandro Alaia Pages: 76pg PDF


10 Responses to “Cthulhu Apocalypse: Slaves of the Mother”

  1. Paul Round says:

    Any chance of seeing this combined with The Apocalypse Machine and Dead White World into one nice printed hardcover? Please? Pretty please? :-)

    • Simon Rogers says:

      Not sure about the hardback, but we will combine them all in a print edition if the sales of the PDF warrant it

      • from says:

        Thing I Will Never Do: Purchase PDF files.

        Thing I Will Always Do: Purchase new Trail of Cthulhu (or Mutant City Blues, or Hillfolk) print products.

        BTW: I have read and played Hillfolk now. It rocks, and has given me a whole new way to play dramatical scenes, which I have already started adapting to other games and procedural systems. (Notably: Vampire. Seriously, DramaSystem makes that game Make Sense to me, finally.) Thanks a lot!

      • Andrew Finney says:

        I’m another vote for deadtree who won’t be buying PDFs

  2. thorr-kan says:

    Cthulhu Apocalypse dropped from 5 volumes to 3 volumes. Sadness.

    I’m really looking forward the this one, though!

  3. csabthehun says:

    Seconding from’s opinion – I almost never spend $ on PDFs but would be thrilled to buy Cthulhu Apocalypse collected into a paperback.

  4. Greg says:

    I must admit I prefer PDFs. I can print them out if I need to and scribble on them with impunity. I can also afford them…

    • Jim says:

      And you will always have that option, but some of us (myself included), books. I am happy to have the free PDF that comes with print editions, but I will never buy a PDF-only product.

  5. Lightboy says:

    I would love to see this in print too & would definitely buy. Not keen on the PDF only. The quality of Pelgrane printed books are excellent. Please print Pelgrane!

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