Cthulhu Apocalypse cover

We’re working with a new artist for Cthulhu Apocalypse, Graham Walmsley’s new campaign frame. We are launching this series with a collection of three post-apocalyptic advetnures. Please do let us know what should be on the cover.

What should be on the cover of Cthulhu Apocalypse?
The skyline of devastated London, with Big Ben in ruins.
The English countryside covered in alien white flowers.
The White Cliffs of Dover crumbling as eldritch creatures stride through the sea.
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The white flowers and eldritch creatures are, of course, part of the Cthulhu Apocalypse storyline.

Alternatively, we would like to hear your ideas.

10 Responses to “Cthulhu Apocalypse cover”

  1. David Jacobs says:

    A new artist? What happened to Jérôme?

  2. I like the Dover idea best, because it actually has some creatures in it. The skyline option might be a good second-place choice, if you can work in some slightly hidden menace (even if it’s just some glowing eyes somewhere) instead of just a ruined cityscape. The flowers are probably too tame: after all, who knows what all the flowers of Earth look like? Unless they have an arrow pointing at them, labeled “Alien Flowers” people will probably just go, “Huh!”

  3. Jeremy Bethel says:

    I really like the alien flowers thing, but I have to agree with Jared Robertson. It’s just too vague. 1 & 2 are both good options for different reasons. 1 is great because it clearly shows the devastation of Apocalypse and is immediately recognizable as such. 2 is great because it is a bit more subtle, but shows the creatures and has a feeling of panicked inevitability.

  4. Tim Gray says:

    Whatever it is needs to show us how a Cthulhu apocalypse is different from all those other apocalypses.

  5. John Post says:

    Would it be possible to combine 1 and 3? Something like Shubb-niggurath tearing down Big Ben would be spot on.

  6. pariah says:

    I like the alien flowers most, but you should combine them with a derserted settlement. I think of something like Omega Man: Heston driving through the streets of LA. Exchange LA with London and add the white flowers and you’ve got a nice cover.

    Of if you want to integrate all three motives: In the Front of the Picture is an deserted amusement park, covered in white alien flowers (ok, this is a lie, the park is not completely deserted, there are some bodies of families, who visited the park at the time of desaster, lying around, covered with white flowers). In the Back of the Picture you see the sea and the white Clives of Dover. The giant eldritch creatures are striding through the sea (and because they look in the other direction, you only see their backs).

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  8. Greg Oakes says:

    I also like the Alien Flowers best – The ruined Big Ben is probably too similiar to Contested Ground’s “Hot War”. Alien Flowers growing over Picadilly Cirus (Eros is perhaps an under used iconic image) appeals somewhat…

    I like the idea of the crumbling cliffs of Dover on the back.

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