Collect Orders At GenCon, Play At GenCon

This post covers all things GenCon 2013.

Collect your books at GenCon

First I say to you Collect At GenCon! Preorder your books from the Pelgrane Store, paste COLLECT@GENCON into the voucher field at the bottom of the store page. Use your usual address. You won’t get charged shipping.

If you order 4 or more products, you’ll automatically get the Pelgrane convention 4 for 3 offer, and it will calculate the best price for you. Bring your order number and id to the stand and will give you your order. This offer does not apply to existing orders – we can’t unprocess orders you’ve already placed.


Where Are We?

This will be the biggest ever GenCon for Pelgrane Press, Fire Opal Media and ProFantasy Software. We are opposite the Paizo stand here on stand 101. Stand guests include Rob Heinsoo, Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws, Steve Dempsey, Paula Dempsey, Chris Huth and Rachel Kahn, who will be happy to chat to you and sign things.


Games, Games, Games and Seminars

We’ll be running demos on the stand, but we have a lot of officially sanctioned events, and representation at Games on Demand.

There is a GUMSHOE seminar, a 13th Age seminar  and lots of Pelgrane games.  We could really do with some more more GMs – so contact us for more details.

 New Releases

Newly minted and fresh out at GenCon will be eight

6 Responses to “Collect Orders At GenCon, Play At GenCon”

  1. John Post says:

    The 4-for-3 option does not appear to be working. I added four books to my order, with the voucher for $10 off The Final Revelation, and it didn’t work.

  2. Mark Miller says:

    Can we choose to have books we’ve already preordered picked up at GenCon? I’ve got Esoterrorists and 13th Age on deck. Just curious.

  3. Roy Paeth says:

    I was wondering if I order online can I have a friend pickup the books for me. I am unable to attend Gencon and was hoping to give my friend money to pickup the books for me and just give him cash. If I can pay in advance that would be even better.

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