Caption Competition: The Owlbear Cub and the Bronze Golem

Submit a caption for the this image in the thread below for a chance to win a Limited Edition 13th Age Bestiary when it is released.

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An Honourable Mention will get a Pelgrane Press voucher.


66 Responses to “Caption Competition: The Owlbear Cub and the Bronze Golem”

  1. Adam Dray says:

    1st Battalion, 3rd Company, 2nd Lance Owlbear Mecha Pilot.

  2. Jacob Williams says:

    “Swelling continues when you don’t ice and elevate your paw. Nurse Ratchet is here to help you to your room and get you situated,” the Doctor told its furry patient. “Next time don’t play with the adventurers, I know your mother told you not to play with your food!”

  3. Anthony F says:

    “I thought I ordered a clockwork owl!”

  4. Jeff Anderson says:

    Bronze golem uses glare!

    It’s not very effective…

  5. Paul Zimmer says:

    “The first (and final) season of Owlball, right before kick off.”

  6. greg white says:

    How the hell do these things keep getting in here!

  7. Ross Meredith says:

    One can never be too cautious when rearing owlbears.

  8. Terry says:

    Owlinux, the open-source golem operating system!

  9. Charles Alston says:

    The 13th Age Bestiary: Everything from “Aww, can we keep’em?” to “ZOMG!” and everything in between!

  10. Tom Pleasant says:

    Says little Ollie: “This is my pal Gangplank. His disguise mode is a 10-foot pole. Transmuters! Golems in disguise! Transmuters! More than meets the eye!”

  11. Graeme Comyn says:

    Golem: “What are you?”
    Owlbear: “Whooo.”
    Golem: “Who are you?”
    Owlbear: “Whooo.”
    Golem: “You!”
    Owlbear: “Rawr!”

  12. Jim Carstensen says:

    “And we switched to golems as nannies for the arena breeding programs after the third halfing was eatten when her ward hit puberty…”

  13. Rob LIghtner says:

    “Bonjour! Je m’appelle Albert!”

  14. Andy Jenkinson says:

    Owlbear: “Well this is awkward… What are the odds of bumping into your ex on a speed-dating night?”

  15. drmrs says:

    I don’t give a hoot about an old rusted looking automaton. drmrs 4/4/2014

  16. Xiombarg says:

    Little Hootie Pooh stared off into the distance, imagining the day he would large enough to play with what the Archmage called “a fully-articulated life-size action figure.”

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