Bookhounds of London Limited Edition

A bit more information on the Bookhounds Limited Edition. Ken has signed each one of the leatherbound volumes and added a Lovecraftian word. We’ll assign these at random, with a ten reserved for contributors, staff and charity auctions. Beth, for example, has taken the shoggoth.

My plan at the moment is the offer the limited edition combined with a hardback Occult Guide, some 30s ephemera and a suitable container. Every copy will include a section of an annotated map with clues to the murder of Augustus Darcy, and we are hoping that people will scan them and put them all together.

I’ll email all Bookhounds pre-orderers for a chance to buy an upgrade to their pre-order, or get a copy to supplement their standard edition.

I haven’t emailed yet! Emails will be going out end of next week, though the limited edition packages themselves will not ship for a while after.

7 Responses to “Bookhounds of London Limited Edition”

  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Simon, can you give some idea of when these emails will be going out and/or what kind of pricing we’re looking at for the limited edition? I’d kinda like to know so I can work it into the budget. All that Bookhounds goodness will be well worth it. Thanks.

  2. Jez says:

    That sounds rather grand! I’ll look out for your email.

  3. Michael Ostrokol says:

    Same here. This is a book I’m definitely getting in leatherbound

  4. Mike Gruber says:

    Have the invites gone out yet? If not, about when should we expect them? I want to make sure I don’t miss this opportunity :)

  5. Gary Moore says:

    Just want to voice my support for TOC. In my mind the GUMSHOE system is the only way to play in the mythos, as it place player interpretation of evidence above random rolls and drama (and random insanity) thereby insues. Top work lads

    Have bought all the TOC line via Dr4ive thru Rpg but just listening to the special editions features is making lust for something more than a pdf…..I understand the mythos word editions feature authentic Hp words any one got Rugose or squamous yet?

    ps pardon the random spelling as im dyslexic lol

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