Bookhounds Email

The Bookhounds Limited Edition emails have gone out to Bookhounds pre-orderers.

If you haven’t received yours, it means either you asked to be excluded from Pelgrane Press emails at some time in the past, it’s been spam filtered, or it’s stuck in the internet ether.

12 Responses to “Bookhounds Email”

  1. Cyr says:

    Hehe, I’m surprised the site hasn’t crashed from all us geeks refreshing looking for a new post :)

  2. Robert Saint John says:

    Simon, would orders made this morning have been included, or was that “post pre order”? :)

  3. Christopher Young says:

    Never got an email – don’t think I asked to be removed from emails
    Could I get an email

  4. AndrewTBP says:

    I found it in my Gmail Spam folder and ordered it immediately. I’m a happy camper.

  5. from says:

    You’re WAY too good at making sure my diet consists of noodles. Ah well, at least I will have these books to comfort me when the scurvy hits. :)

  6. James Pacheco says:

    I can’t find mine at all. :-( I don’t think I’ve opted out of Pelgrane emails, and I really, really hope I didn’t accidentally delete it from my spam filter…

  7. Jason says:


    When will non-email recipients be able to pre-order?


  8. Steve Moss says:

    I never received an email either.

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