TOOTH, TALON & PINION: Excellent Prismatic Spray Double Issue #7/8

The second double-issue of the Excellent Prismatic Spray magazine to be so voluminous as to (in this case literally) claw its way into being a DERPG sourcebook in its own right!

Stranger, stay your hand a while…

Wonder at the pets of the Dying Earth, frolic in the icy streets of The Hidden City in the Mountains, gawp at Bildazan, God of Merchants and Thieves. Once again Pelgrane Press spares no expense or effort to bring to your attention what they most modestly assure me must surely be the finest collection of scenarios, background information, and plot hooks for the Dying Earth as has ever been collected into one place.

But lest you think that we have succumbed to chronic philotherianism we also venture into other areas and continue to elucidate and examine the farther corners of our ancient world.

Twenty creatures are detailed here by our most reliable commentators, offered with their Known Facts, reliable Scholarly Conjectures with game effects, and Adventure Hooks for unsuspecting PCs:

  • The familiar deodand gets a new lick of paint in the Carnival of Grotesques…
  • There is a choice of dangerous and docile pets…
  • You might learn the secrets of the Twk-Folk…
  • choose your words carefully with the Equivocal Leucomorph…
  • And Grashpotel’s walking tour enlightens us on the culinary merits of beasts, although many of his students end up on the menu!

So, stranger, should you merely be desirous of titillation, of generously endowed maidens dressed in unlikely and uncomfortable combinations of chain mail and leather, of facile stories and shallow plots suitable only for the most juvenile, then carefully place this back on the shelf where your betters can find it.

If, on the other hand, you are a person of wit and discernment, welcome, this book has found its rightful home.

This also serves as a companion volume to the DE Compendium, being made up of much high quality material originally intended for an earlier version of that work.


Editorial: Jim Webster
The Letters of Bracht, Green Legionnaire: M.D. Jackson
Pets of the Dying Earth: Lizard
The Hidden City of the Mountains: Lynne Hardy
The Twk-men: Nicholas Caldwell
Grashpotel’s Symposium: David Thomas
The Clevenger Collectors: Jeanry Chandler
The Duniwassal Mattock: Justinian Merrihew
The Travelers Guide to the Exotic and Quixotic Bildazan, God of Merchants and Thieves: Greg Saunders
The Animal Apocrypha: Ian Thomson
A Treatise on the Origins and Intelligence of Certain Dumb Beasts: David Thomas

Once upon a time a DE Bestiary was mooted, and indeed written to first draft. Then the concept changed. Much of the material created was subsumed into the Compendium, with sufficient overflow to become Tooth, Talon & Pinion. However, some smaller pieces were left homeless and found their way into the Footsteps of Fools scenarios, and at the end of the day the large appendices also still remained – and are here offered freely for your delight:
Gilgad’s Wilderness Survival Guide
The Magic of the Wilds
Weapons of the Dying Earth (written independently of the XPS article)
The High Road to Kaiin (adventure part 1)
A Walk in the Woods (adventure part 2)

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Stock #: PELXPS07 Author: Ed: Jim Webster with Ian Thomson
Artist: Ossi Hiekkala Pages: 134 page paperback




ALL’S FAIR AT AZENOMEI (Footsteps of Fools: Part 1)

Once every year, at the start of summer, Azenomei holds its annual ‘Great Fair’, under the shadow of Pergolo: the manse of Iucounu the Laughing Magician. This event attracts not only traders of great renown, but also royalty and other notables from as far as Kaiin. And the town council makes considerable funds through renting out the prime positions and levying a tax on all goods bought and sold beyond a certain price. Naturally, this vast market attracts professional thieves and confidence tricksters in equal proportion to genuine merchants. And into this bustling arena of opportunity step our heroes…

  • The chance to work for an unusual sponsor…
  • The chance to compete for the title of ‘Monarch’ of the Great Fair in a series of traditional contests..
  • Prizes, mysteries, and rivalry…
  • Nonetheless, surely an easy opportunity for cash and glory!
  • After all, what could go seriously wrong?

This can be run as a stand-alone adventure, or as the start of the Footsteps of Fools epic adventure arc, leading into Strangers in Saskervoy.
[The Town of Azenomei and its fair are described in detail in this free Guide, which is a necessary adjunct to this adventure.]


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Stock #: PEL011 Author: Ian Thomson
Artist: Ralph Horsley Pages: 45page pdf




STRANGERS IN SASKERVOY (Footsteps of Fools: Part 2)

Strangers in Saskervoy follows on from All’s Fair At Azenomei, and leads into The Lords of Cil.
A bumper adventure pack, advancing Cugel-Level adventuring in new directions. Ten or more gaming sessions – across five interlinked episodes – covering the PCs’ experiences in the realm of Saskervoy after being rudely deposited on Shanglestone Strand.
Will they conquer unhappy circumstance and make a name for themselves through cunning and bold action, or will they once again end up fleeced and fleeing for their lives?
Fate will present them with ancient ruins, forgotten treasures, bizarre magic, peculiarly vicious half-men, urban escapades, and the chance to work for local notable Twango of Flutic on a number of almost insignificant errands.
This publication contains maps, illustrations, appendices, tag-lines for all sessions, GMCs, location guides, and a pair of repulsive bibelots. Could any adventurous rogue ask for more?

A mini series of hazardous adventures of dubious legality – travelling around Saskervoy in the employ of ‘Twango of Flutic’. Motivated by his promise (which at the GM’s discretion may or may not be genuine) to transport them back to Almery.

  • The gift of free foreign travel…
  • Introducing the concept of an arch-nemesis…
  • Exploring the furthest reaches of civilisation…
  • Collecting the severed sections of an ornate Overworld being…
  • Ah, Saskervoy, jewel of the north! What opportunities you present for our delight!

This could be run as a stand-alone adventure, but is intended as the second in the Footsteps of Fools epic adventure arc. Running it separately would mean that you couldn’t run the whole series for the same players.
[A detailed Guide to Saskervoy Town is available for free here, and is an invaluable adjunct to this publication. Plus a map of the Saskervoy Reach is also available for free] It is not essential to own Turjan’s Tome in order to run the adventures in this publication, though it would be helpful. Turjan’s Tome comes into it’s own later in the series, where lack of it would mean considerable extra work.

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Stock #: PEL014 Author: Ian Thomson
Artist: Ralph Horsley & others Pages: 74-page pdf



XPS4-5BodyDouble Book-Size Issue of ‘The Excellent Prismatic Spray’ (Volume 1, Number 4/5)

A source book for the Dying Earth RPG
To Ascolais, the Falling Wall and Beyond! This first double volume of the XPS is so vast in scope that it has graduated to its own page as a sourcebook in its own right.

Once the heart of the reach of Grand Motholam, the Land of the Falling Wall and Ascolais are now picturesque ruins. The people are strange, the places stranger, the opportunities and diversions unparalleled. This double issue of The Excellent Prismatic Spray is your well-nigh irresistible invitation to discover the Dying Earth’s heartlands for yourself. While waiting for Time’s death rattle, why not:

    • Defraud merchants amid the probity and decorum of cruel Lumarth and its ruinous neighbour Aktabras…
    • Lose yourself (or your pursuers) in Forrell’s Port, gateway to the Sousenene Coast…
    • Cross the Plain of Standing Stones…
    • Discover whether you or any of your fellows are unknowingly vat creatures…
    • Hide from your enemies in cosmopolitan Efred, City of Sanctuary…
    • Tangle with mermelants in Aldusfeld Village…
    • Interfere with cranes in white-walled Kaiin…
    • Or take the opportunity to hunt mutroons and social status in the Great Da Forest.

    Ascolais and the Land of the Falling Wall features adventures, recipes, ghosts, ships, vat creatures, gods, daihaks and demons. The material is suitable for all levels of play and will satisfy every palate, however ghoulish or finicky.

      Vance’s Spell of the Ineffably Pleasurable Prolonged Hour and What It Did To Me (Ed Greenwood)
      The Den-Phu Cranes [adventure] (Robin D Laws)
      The Dying Earth Needs You (Lynne Hardy)
      A Map of The Known World (Sarah Wroot)
      Efred, City of Sanctuary (David Thomas)
      Mermelants Unite! (Thomas Russell)
      ARCANA of Grashpotel (Peter Freeman)
      The City of Lumarth (Ian Thomson)
      Caravan to Akatabras [adventure] (Ian Thomson)
      Forell’s Port (Lizard)
      Home Brewed Heroes [Vat Creature PCs] (Ian Thomson)
      The Laughing Magician [adventure] (Steve Dempsey)
      The Sculpted Chair (Lynne Hardy)
      The Luminarion (Mark Baker)
      Ghosts of the Forgotten Past (Kurt Brown)
      The Encroaching Green (Lizard & Ian Thomson)
      Cozeners Expedients (Various)

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    Stock #: PELXPS004D Author: Ed: Jim Webster
    Artist: Sarah Wroot & others Pages: 148 page paperback



Give your D20 magician a taste of the Dying Earth

Designed to assist exploring the Dying Earth milieu using the D20 system, there is also nonetheless a vast array of material herein that a GM could use equally as well to instead enhance any D20 fantasy game towards a more atmospheric classic Vancian/Dying Earth tone.

The Primer of Practical Magic hearkens to a time when players didn’t know all the spells in the rulebook yet, or all the monsters one could possibly encounter; a time before players argued about every rule, because they were still caught up in the mystery of the game. Toward this noble end of casting a shadow of renewed mystery over the D20 gaming experience, The Primer includes many features which the discerning gamer will appreciate.

The Primer of Practical Magic is filled with extraordinary spells, items and new powers for the magicians in your campaign. Whether you wish to spin your enemies to death with Phandaal’s Gyrator, or control them like a puppet with Clambard’s Rein of the Long Nerves, this is the libram for the discerning wizard’s library. And for those who always felt there should have been some element of danger and uncertainty to spellcasting, the Primer introduces an optional spell failure system, based on the system in the Dying Earth RPG!

The Primer contains

  • Over 100 spells of all levels and schools
  • 22 magic items including Cloud of Knives and Laccodel’s Protective Rune
  • 34 carefully wrought cantrips
  • Instructions on growing your henchmen and other creatures in a vat
  • New character classes including the fearsome diabolist
  • Rules for binding powerful but squabblesome magical creatures – sandestins

All these magical abilities find their way to the d20 system from the Dying Earth RPG, but do not required any knowledge of that background to use it.

This version includes a newly updated twenty-page codiciliary, with additional material and errata.

Using this supplement to run d20 D&D games requires use of the third edition Player’s HandbookTM by Wizards of the Coast Inc.

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Stock #: PEL009 Author: Jeanry Chandler
Artist: Ossi Hiekkala Pages: 138 page paperback



ScaumCoverA source book for the Dying Earth RPG

Welcome to the finest river valley in gaming! From the Maurenron Mountains to Sanreale Bay, the valley is thick with ancient forests, picturesque ruins and somber tombs. It is alive with vibrant towns and glittering palaces. It teems with eerie creatures, exhilarating predators and glittering palaces.
Complete with frightful curses, new spells, creatures and magic items, the Scaum contains sufficient material (locales, characters and adventure outlines) for many months of exceptional gaming. Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician.

  • Exotic Vistas…
  • Outlandish inhabitants…
  • Vibrant dangers and curses…
  • Limitless adventure!
  • Aeons to erode – yours for a pittance!

Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician. In development from the moment DERPG was conceived! The magnificent map is also available.

Related Free Downloads:
A section of the index (A worthwhile download, including a list of items, establishments, spells & curses!)
A pdf excerpt from the SVG: ‘The Valley of the Graven Tombs
Axomber’s Crypt: a downloadable adventure in the Valley of Graven Tombs, plus Azenomei to Kaiin journey notes (from the original Footsteps of Fools prototype series).
The Royal Cartographers: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the SVG as a connected campaign.

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Stock #: PEL006 Author: Jim Webster and David Thomas
Artist: Sarah Wroot and Greg Staples Pages: 176pp Perfect Bound



Gomoshan's TombA Turjan-Level pdf adventure for the Dying Earth RPG

Strap on your rapiers, snatch up your spell-books and hold onto your wide-brimmed hats! A renowned collector of antiquities has uncovered the location of an ancient tomb, and has hired a band of resourceful individuals to accompany him on a journey of plunder into Kaiin’s Old Town ruins.

  • Fiendish traps, demons, & arcane magics undoubtedly guard priceless magical relics and mountains of loot…
  • The Old Town itself presents the very real chance of an encounter with Chun the Unavoidable…
  • Chances are slim to non-existent that everyone will make it back alive…
  • A typical day out for a Turjan-Level adventurer!

This is a large mid-range Turjan-level adventure designed for use in isolation as an introduction to Turjan-style play, or to fit into an ongoing campaign. It contains a packed 47-page adventure, plus 26 pages of maps, illustrations, a player’s rules summary, and full notes and complete character sheets for pre-generated PCs and GMCs.

You will need Turjan’s Tome to get the most out of this product, although experienced GMs could run it as an isolated experience with some extra work. Availing yourself of the free Guide to Kaiin’s Old Town will also enhance this product.

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Stock #: PEL013 Author: Ian Thomson
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 73-page PDF



The Compendium of Universal Knowledge


The complete encylopedia of the Dying Earth.

For the Dying Earth roleplaying game, the Compendium includes more than two hundred adventure seeds, game statistics for eighty creatures, more than a dozen spells and cross references to all our other publications. The Compendium is also lavishly illustrated, with beautiful maps.

  • It includes reliable information on everything that has ever existed*…
  • It contains expansions, speculations and comments from a variety of noteworthy pedants …
  • When you are not poring over its pages, its sturdy frame will add character to your bookshelf!

*This is not strictly true!

Afficionadoes and completists may also wish to avail themselves of Tooth, Talon & Pinion, a discussion in more depth of many DE creatures.


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Stock #: PEL016D Author: Peter Freeman, David Thomas, Ian Thomson & Jim Webster
Artist: Dave Allsop & Jerome Huguenin Pages: 286 pages hardcopy or PDF



Almerycover300pxAND THENCE TO ALMERY (Footsteps of Fools: Part 5)

This publication follows on from Beyond the Mountains of Magnatz and is the final in the epic ‘In the Footsteps of Fools…’ series.

Stranded in the desolate barren reaches of the upper Scamander, all seems lost until a peculiar band of pilgrims and their raft are discovered.

After the perils of the mighty river, and colorful escapades at diverse unique small settlements, the PCs may with luck & skill arrive alive at decaying & decadent Erze Damath: the mysterious city of the Black Obelisk.

Numerous hazardous adventures fill the weeks, whilst PCs determinedly seek the means to safely cross the vast & desolate barrens that now are all that remains between them and ‘home’.

Eventually reaching squalid & pompous Old Romarth, they seek out a set of legendary allies, with whose aid they hopefully arrive at Azenomei. If so they can confront their arch-nemesis – Iucounu the Laughing Magician – in a twisted & desperate battle of wits & magic around the echoing corridors of Pergolo.

  • Oh Iucounu, scourge of my days, how I curse you!
  • One day soon I shall stand at the gates of Pergolo, with your corpse sprawled at my feet!
  • What twisted games he does play; but they will be amongst his last – for I am vengeance!

This could be run as a stand-alone adventure, but is intended as the finale in the Footsteps of Fools adventure arc. Using it separately would mean that you couldn’t ever run the whole series for the same players. (The bare minimum recommended for running this series are: ‘All’s Fair At Azenomei’, ‘Strangers in Saskervoy’ & ‘And Thence to Almery’.)

And Thence to Almery comes complete with detailed maps (including Pergolo the daunting manse of Iucounu), pages of tag-lines, and multiple options & suggestions as to how to run the showdown with Iucounu as a grand confrontation to end all grand confrontations!

Essential adjuncts to running the later chapters of this work are the free Guides to Old Romarth and to Azenomei.

You will also need Turjan’s Tome if you want to avoid massive re-invention of standard items and spells that are heavily referenced here, especially in their dealings with Iucounu. Finally, this publication has an appendix of adaptation notes that allow you to easily incorporate the Turjan-Level adventure-book Fields of Silver as a grand finale to the Erze Damath chapters.

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Stock #: PEL021D Author: Ian Thomson
Artist: Sarah Wroot & Beth Lewis Pages: 121 page pdf




A source book for the Dying Earth RPG

If you are more interested in dark fantasy than humorous escapades, or collecting the last 100 Spells rather than conning a stall holder of his terces, then this is the tome for you.

The first volume of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth has a very different tone to the later books. It has elements of horror, powerful sorcery, and even genuine heroics. This supplements lets you roleplay these puissant magicians, questers and driven heroes.

  • Gain options for Magician characters, and get advice on playing Turjan-level campaigns…
  • Encompass new, esoteric spells, scribbled by madmen and fraught with danger in their use…
  • Face untold peril as you follow adventure hooks set on the Dying Earth and beyond…
  • Uncover arcane items from the ruins, or guarded by otherworld beings…
  • Gain new powers (Tweaks) such as “Occult Horrors too Numerous to Detail”…
  • Discover contacts and potential enemies of cruelty and renown…
  • Create Vat creatures as retainers, bodyguards or even companions.

Sample Section Download: Chapter Two of Turjan’s Tome
Blank Turjan-Level Character Sheets: Front Page, Back Page
Turjan-Level Sheets with Character Pictures. (You will do well to print these on a high-quality machine): Jondar; Lustander; Machask; Romac; Santella; and Zaraflam.
Another aid for the weary GM: abbreviated character sheets for the stats of GMCs. On the first page – two ‘personality’ GMCs. On the second page – four ‘lackeys’.

Finally, please note that the official scenario ‘Gomoshan’s Tomb‘ was designed as an introductory scenario to explore many of the new concepts and abilities in Turjan’s Tome.

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Stock #: PEL007 Author: Robin D. Laws with Ian Thomson
Artists: Charles Reid, Elliot Jeffries and David Esbri Molinas Pages: 174pp Perfect Bound


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