Ashen Stars Theme

James Semple and Yaiza Varona present the Ashen Stars theme.


12 Responses to “Ashen Stars Theme”

  1. Lance Goodale says:

    Congrats sounds amazing. You plan on releasing a music CD for Ashen Stars?

  2. Gary Moore says:

    so very very cool. Most Tv shows would kill for a soundtrack like that.

  3. R.G. Caetano says:


  4. Fred says:

    Craig Armstrong influences?

  5. Darren Miguez says:

    I’m curious if future music will feature the “loopable” aspect that made the Eternal Lies Suite such a useful thing at the gaming table. Hitting play and then not having the beginning/end of a piece of music disturb the gaming was really, really, fantastic, and made my use of music in Dead White World much more effective. The players even commented as much. Totally sold on the power of music in gaming now!

  6. Rel Fexive says:


  7. This is great!

    Here’s a question…I do an actual play podcast that will feature our Ashen Stars game soon. If purchased and appropriate credit given, would it be acceptable if the music was heard on our episodes?

  8. The lone wanderer says:

    Sounds good cant wait to get my copy of ashen stars. Are you going to make more ashen stars music?

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