Ashen Stars Tech Cards

Ralf Schemmann of Profantasy Software and long-time fan of Ashen Stars, has made up some Tech Cards. These are to aid in tracking tech, gear and viroware and contain all the info players need to keep all their add-ons in order. You can download the zipped PDFs here.

2 Responses to “Ashen Stars Tech Cards”

  1. Yob-Sodoff says:

    These need some proofreading before being released as a real product. For example, on the pistol cards it’s referred to as “Disruptor” pistol in the title and a “Disruption” weapon in the text. Which term is correct?

    The Mor Sohn card simply describes what it looks like, not its game effect, making that card pretty useless.

    “inertiadampening” should be “inertia-dampening”.

    Off-topic: I keep reading “Profantasy Software” as “Profanity Software”, which is synonymous with “Microsoft”.

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