Ashen Stars Stellar Nursey Shipping Update

All the Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery editions have gone out. Here are the last few:

The limited edition is awaiting these tokens, which we should have by the end of the month. Other limited editions are available through the Game Preview Event in selected stores.


13 Responses to “Ashen Stars Stellar Nursey Shipping Update”

  1. Derek Smyk says:

    Is it sad that I keep squinting, hoping to see if my address is on one of the top boxes?

  2. Brian I says:

    Mine was waiting for me when I arrived home (Ashen Stars and Dead Rock Seven both). The package had a ProFantasy Software label on it, so I had a WTF? moment at first.

    Books look awesome – thanks!

  3. John says:

    I got mine in California yesterday.

  4. Joe Wolz says:

    Over on my podcast (2 GMs, 1 Mic), my co-host and I do a review of Ashen Stars. I think it’s a great game and I’m glad I nabbed copy at Gencon!

  5. Lance Goodale says:

    Christmas came early. Got my copy in the mail(Western Canada) Thanks everyone at Pelgrane, and a big thanks to Rabin D. Law. 8-D

  6. tannjew says:

    Have the limited editions already been shipped?

  7. Stuart Bonham says:

    Received my Limited Edition yesterday, but no tokens. Was this a mistake or are you still having problems with them?

    Limited Edition looks great, BTW!

    • from says:

      Tokens weren’t up to snuff, they will be redone and shipped separately, see thread in the new forum (plug!).

      I want mine…:/

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