Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Edition Update

Edit: The Stellar Pre-Order window is closed. However, you can pre-order Ashen Stars for delivery in August, and get the PDF and Robin Laws fiction now.

Read more about the perks available with the Stellar Nursery edition here.

Incidentally, if you’ve ordered the Stellar Nursery edition, you might like to know that anyone who spots a typo will be given a special commendation in the credits. We’d also like to hear from you about any game aids, tables or charts you think we should include with Ashen Stars, or any that you’ve created yourself.


8 Responses to “Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Edition Update”

  1. …anyone who spots a typo will be given a special commendation in the credits.

    Oh! In that case, on page 34 of the pre-order PDF:

    Your skin is gray or grin and semi-translucent.

    And I’m totally available as a copy editor, if you’d like an extra set of eyes.

  2. Gary Moore says:

    In my TOC stuff I have a one sheet run through of the Gumshoe system. Im not sure where it came from (it turned up round about the time I tried to summon Cthulhu) but an updated version for AS would be cool specially for newbies.

  3. Michael Swadling says:

    Hi Simon, I’ve just emailed you a 2-page list of typos. Enjoy!

  4. Dave Lai says:

    Hi there!

    I feel a bit late to this party… but there seems to be a degree of uncertainty as to when the Mohilar War ended. Was it 7 years ago or 5? Or is this just another manifestation of the Bogey Conundrum? (In the pre-order pdf p15 & the Stellar Nursery taster on p5 it says 7 years ago, but in the pocket timeline on p6 of the taster it says 5 years. The detailed history on p167 in the pre-order pdf is unclear…)

    Enjoying reading what I’ve read so far and am so looking forward to the finished published product.

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