Ashen Stars on The Game’s the Thing

Episode 90 of Ron and Veronica Blessing’s The Game’s the Thing podcast focuses on Ashen Stars, with your humble game designer as the guest. Join us as we talk about the game’s premise, genesis, development process and additions to the GUMSHOE toolkit. Also up for discussion are Hamlet’s Hit Points, why players only think they want their characters to be irresponsible, and teasers for two of the three reveals of Gen Con. Put it in your ears!

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3 Responses to “Ashen Stars on The Game’s the Thing”

  1. Ron Blessing says:

    So Robin, what do you charge to write show notes? Just a hypothetical…

  2. I’m afraid my fee for such a task would be exorbitant.

  3. Dave says:

    Interesting podcast. I will now be camped out by my letterbox awaiting delivery of my copy of Ashen Stars :)

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