Ashen Stars Map – The Bleed

Ralf Schemmann produced this schematic map, a snap shot really, of the translight corridors connecting The Bleed, the “region” of space where the PCs – lasers – undertake their contracts in the Ashen Stars game.
The Bleed Translight Map

From Ashen Stars:

Translight corridors are not fixed in space.  They orbit through the universe, just as the rest of the galaxy does, but at a fractionally variant rate. No two trips between points connected by a corridor takes exactly the same amount of time. Before embarking on any given journey, navigators must continually track and update the positioning of corridors.

A literal map of the various corridors, color-coded with their cluster identifications, would have to appear as a hologram, and change in real time. As of press time Pelgrane Press had yet to perfect the technology necessary to present such a map to its readers.

Still, Ralf with ProFantasy’s Cosmographer gave it his best shot!

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  1. Paul says:

    And this came from Cosmographer? Cool!

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  3. Adrian says:

    Looks great.

  4. Allen Varney says:

    That’s a nice map, but a curiously motley assemblage of names: the Seven Hills of Rome, surrounded by various monsters and dangers from Greek mythology — including Athos (?!), one of the Gigantes — and then, weirdest, the Kraken, from the legends of Norwegian mariners. I guess out there on the Bleed the scouts lack good databases?

    It would be more consistent to replace Athos and Kraken with other Greek monsters, such as Harpy and Sphinx or others from Wikipedia’s list of Greek legendary creatures:

    — And replace the Seven Hills with seven figures from Greek legend, such as the Seven Against Thebes:

    • Simon Rogers says:

      @Allen such historical ignorance is par for the course in the Bleed. There are many syntheworlds out there representing a mish-mash of historical cultures that it was never as simple as a unified scouting mission. Warp corridors shift and change all the time, and this is just a snapshot. Still, I will pass your suggestions on to Robin.

  5. Paul says:

    I think I may need to add Cosmographer to my CC3 suite if I get a TS (or, perhaps, Ashen Stars!) campaign off of the ground…

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