Ashen Stars Limited Edition

We have a very few copies of the Ashen Stars Limited Leatherette edition left, now available to all from the Pelgrane store.

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Ashen Stars Limited Edition

Limited Edition ordering is now open to everyone at the store.

Edit: The Ashen Stars limited edition email has gone out. If you have problems with the url, please try again. There was a little slip up over file naming. If you haven’t had your email, please contact me.

In the next couple of hours, I’ll be send out the email to customers who bought the Ashen Stars pre-order, offering a chance to get the limited edition leather bound version with tokens. There will be 50 copies available.

4 Responses to “Ashen Stars Limited Edition”

  1. Stuart Bonham says:

    Snagged :-)

  2. Rel Fexive says:

    Such a shame it’s not an upgrade, or I’d be right in there…

    • from says:

      I agree with you about the upgrade, but I snagged one anyway. :)

    • James says:

      I’d have done exactly what I did with Bookhounds: Ignored the upgrade and bought it at full price anyway, so I’m not upset about the lack.

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Ashen Stars Limited Edition

Limited edition ordering is now open to everyone at the Pelgrane Press store.

We are making one hundred copies of this limited leatherette edition of Ashen Stars. Fifty of these are available exclusively to Ashen Stars pre-orderers, and they’ll include ten exclusive Ashen Stars tokens for starship combat. We’ll pick one from the image below.


The price will be $80/£50. Pre-orderers should expect an email early next week – I’ll announce here when it goes out. If there are any left, I will then open it up to everyone.

The other fifty will be made available for a special pre-release retail promotion for Ashen Stars. More on that soon…

17 Responses to “Ashen Stars Limited Edition”

  1. from says:

    I hate you SO much. Away went the rest of my hard-earned cash…*sigh*

    At least it’ll look great in my bookcase – provided I manage to snag one, that is. :)

    Is this “leatherette” material similar to the one used in the Bookhounds of London limited edition?

  2. Stuart Bonham says:

    One of those has my name on it!

  3. Lance Goodale says:

    quick question as i was a pre-orderer? do we pay the difference (and get 1 copy) or the full price again (and get 2 copies)

    • Simon Rogers says:

      We will not be offering an upgrade, that is, if you want this, it’s an additional, optional purchase.

      • from says:

        Oh? That’s…not as much fun. Yes, I bought both the limited and regular editions of Bookhounds, but that was out of my own free will. I could have chosen to “settle for” either.

        I think I “get” why you do it this way, but still…I would like the option of upgrading.

      • Lance Goodale says:

        I was hopping for an upgrade option, to throw down another $80 is a luxury I can’t justify. I’m sorry Pelgrane. 8-(

  4. Reto Kiefer says:

    Sorry I can’t find the link for ordering. Is is already available?

    Great offer, I can’t resist.

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  6. Kairam says:

    I’d really like to upgrade also!

    Please give us the opportunity.

  7. Dave says:

    No upgrade :(

  8. Stephen Marsh says:


  9. Stuart Bonham says:

    I would not weant the upgrade – I want a gaming copy and a pristine copy of the book. I would have bought 2 of the full colour book, but this is just perfect for me.

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