Ashen Stars Art – The Durugh

You saw Jérome’s rough sketch for the Durugh, one of the alien species in Ashen Stars.

This is a fleshed out version. What do you think?


6 Responses to “Ashen Stars Art – The Durugh”

  1. ziggystardust says:

    It’s not the coolest alienish-creature out there, but at least It’s something different and is veery nicely drawn, as always.

  2. Graham says:

    I like it, although I’m not sure what he’s doing. He looks as though he’s reaching for something and concentrating on it. It’s halfway between an action picture and a portrait.

  3. Yunus says:

    It looks good for a forehead-ridge alien (naturally, since it’s by Jérome!), but funny-skinned humanoids say to me that it is only tropological science fiction adventure, like Star Trek and Farscape, not science fiction that can be taken seriously.

  4. Sune Nødskou says:

    I truly like it. The posture gives and aura of mystique (what is he doing?), the body looks very interesting and the colourization is sublime! A very good and exciting picture! (Sorry for the misspelling.)

  5. Mike Bentley says:

    @Yunus: What do you mean by “funny-skinned humanoids”?

  6. Simon Rogers says:

    @Yunus If it’s giving you Star Trek and Farscape vibes, it’s doing its job, though if Firefly had aliens, they might be like this. Whether you take it seriously or not is another matter. It’s certainly not hard SF.

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