Anti-harassment policy for 13th Age organized play

13thAgeAlliance_OnBlack-300x159Knowing that organized play brings together people with different expectations and styles of play at the table, how do we ensure that everyone has fun? Designing fun-optimized materials is obviously a big part of that, but so is setting ground rules and expectations for the event.

The 13th Age Organized Play Anti-Harassment Policy (PDF) includes:

  • The 5 principles of 13th Age organized play
  • What to do if you’re being harassed at a 13th Age event
  • What happens to the harasser?
  • GM guidelines on how to implement and enforce the policy

Many thanks to Anna Kreider (Thou Art But a WarriorGo Make Me a Sandwich) for helping us draft this policy, and for providing valuable feedback and reality checks at every step. This policy looks to the example of other convention and game company anti-harassment policies, most notably OH Nerd, CONvergence, KristaCon, Nerd NYC, Geek Feminism and Privateer Press.




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  1. Melissa Gay says:

    I kind of thought “Thou Art But a Warrior, Go Make Me a Sandwich” was the title of a single article, and am now thinking that all the Fighters in my gaming group should, like good hunters, have to bring dinner to the Wizard-types. ;)

  2. […] are vital, because they are both an assurance and an education tool. 13th Age created an excellent Organized Play Harassment Policy, found on the 13th Age Resources page. When I helped to write the Herald’s Guild Code of […]

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