Actual Play review of Cthulhu Apolcalypse: Dead White World

There is a review of Graham Wamlsey’s opening chapters of Cthulhu Apocalpyse here on (9/10)

Everyone was very happy with the scenario at its end. It was bleak, very Lovecraftian, and will be remembered as a gaming highlight by myself for many years to come. A lot of the credit for the excellent series of sessions must rest on the author – Graham Walmsley – who has crafted a horrible situation for players to navigate that is not a familiar Mythos monster charging down upon you, or a cult needing foiling. For this original conceit, I must applaud the author. His many sidebars, ideas, and notes (including the Save Vs. Apocalypse sidebar on escaping Dover as it is destroyed) make the scenario an inspiring piece to run.

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  1. Gary Moore says:

    Trust me Dover deserves to be the first thing to go when the apocalpse hits.
    Followed, one hopes, by the Broadstairs branch of Lloyds Bank (which never has enough staff. Maybe they are in the basement worshipping Dagon. They arnt on the counter I know that much)

  2. GB Steve says:

    I am so putting the Broadstairs branch of Lloyds Bank in my next scenario.

    • Gary Moore says:

      Well funnily enough I got this gem from a local history website:
      Of the local inhabitants” (of Ramsgate Broadstairs and Margate) William Camden wrote in the early 1600s…

      Neither must I passe over heere in silence that which maketh for the singular praise of the inhabitants of Tenet, those especially which dwell by the roads or harboroughs of Margat, Ramsgat and Broadstear. For they are passing industrious, and as if they were amphibii, that is, both land-creatures and sea-creatures,
      Professor Sutton translation from the Latin original.

      Both sea and land? deep ones perhaps? we have the notorious Goodwins sandbank off shore. not quite devils reef but theres a scenario in there some where.

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